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Herbal Hair Recipe

Hair loss affects millions of people, including women. There are a number of potential causes for hair loss. In women, hair loss is almost always an indication of some underlying medical issue. Some of these issues include:
  • High levels of androgen hormones including testosterone, androstenedione, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Alopecia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Medication side effects
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Trauma and stress
  • Anaemia
  • Chronic illness
The most important step in treating hair loss in women is to get to the bottom of other issues causing the hair loss and treating those issues. Once the underlying medical issue has been treated, then regrowth can be tackled using an Indian herbal hair recipe for regrowth.
The answer to re-growing beautiful hair just may be found in the ancient Indian healing tradition. One such recipe involves massaging the scalp with a mixture of different herbal massage oils, which can help to purify the scalp and keep pores open. The following oils are believed to be beneficial to the scalp. Try using a mixture of a few drops of each oil in a carrier oil such as pure olive oil. 

Brahmi- This oil helps to calm the nervous system and nourishes hair by promoting overall thickness and body. 

Amalaki- This oil is a cooling oil that is believed to prevent premature hair loss and avoid premature greying.
Hibiscus- This cooling oil helps to maintain colour and promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles

Rosemary-Rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles, promotes growth and keeps hair from thinning prematurely.

Lavender- The fragrant oil from lavender also stimulates hair growth. It also balances scalp oil production.

Jasmine- Jasmine oil is a stress reliever. Adding a few drops of jasmine to a carrier oil can help to alleviate stress that may lead to hair loss.

Using the oil recipe for scalp massage
You can use any or all of the above named oils for scalp massage. Try using this massage technique and recipe once a week. To perform an oil scalp massage:
  1. Add a few drops of each of the oils you will use into a bowl that contains a few tablespoons of olive oil.
  2. Gently warm the oil by placing the bowl in a larger bowl of hot water. Heat the oil until it is warm to the touch but not hot.
  3. Dip your fingertips in the warm oil and part your hair. Apply the oil to the part.
  4. Using the pads of your fingers (not your fingernails), work the oil into your scalp in a circular motion using a comfortable amount of pressure.
  5. Continue parting hair and massaging the oil into your scalp until you have covered your entire head and the back of your neck.
  6. Use vigorous motions if you want to increase your energy, and slower motions if your goal is relaxation.
  7. Once your entire scalp has been covered with oil, wrap your entire head with a warm, damp towel. Allow the oil to stay on your scalp for at least an hour and up to overnight.
  8. Shampoo the oil out using your normal shampoo procedure.
The oils are also available from a number of reputable online sources who sell quality ingredients.

Adna Cristina Beauty offers all client Aromatherapy Massage Services in a peaceful beauty room where clients have a confidential and professional treatment. They will have their own massage oil which is connected to their lifestyle. 

For more information don't hesitate to contact us.  

Thank you!


Your Best Body...

Here are some tips that I took from Look Magazine, to keep your body in shape and eat good food at the same time without going too crazy on your diet. They are very simple, cheap and it keeps you on balance. As everyone knows, it isn't just about the exercises but also the food. It's been proved that you don't need to eat only greens to keep your body in shape... Look recommends and I recommend!
In my opinion this is the original indoor boot camp that burns fat, get you fit and challenges your body every time and you don't need to ditch the carbs as they are very important to you body and health. Check out the picture below.

Are you up for a challenge??

Thank you for stopping buy...

Novidades na Bora Colega Shop...

Entao meninas lindas, vejam estas novidades que veio direto da Bora Colega Shop para todas nos. Voces nao podem perder essas maravilhas de produtos que so a Bora Colega tem. Interessadas clique no link abaixo e confiram as novidades...
Nao esqueca de usar o codigo ADNACOSMETIC para receber descontos...

Um beijo enorme!!

Dicas do dia: Cabelos e os pes...

Oi gente tudo bem?

Hoje quero mostrar para voces duas dicas que tirei da revista britanica Look.

Primeiro vou falar dos cabelos. Quero mostrar para voces esses penteados que vao fazer sucesso ai no Brasil ja que o calor ai esta demais.

Sao penteados lindos, bem facil de fazer e rapido para toda as ocasioes:

Vejam alguns exemplos abaixo:

Eu sei que a explicacao esta em ingles mais so olhando as fotos ja da para perceber passo a passo como se faz. E existe tanto acessorios para voce colocar nos cabelos e ficar ainda mais linda.

Ja promete que o verao aqui vai vir rasgando e os cabelos cada vez mais na moda.

Agora os pes: vejam passo a passo como fazer para deixar seus pes mais bonitos, limpos, macios e bem tratados para arrazar neste verao.

O que voce deve fazer:

Passo a passo de acordo com as fotos:

Primeiro voce deve colocar seus pes de molho, depois voce deve exfoliar para tirar a pele morta e seca, e depois passar um creme hidratante para amaciar, logo depois voce deve so tirar o excesso da cuticula (ja que aqui a cuticula e tirada apenas o excesso) e por ultimo voce deve pintar com uma cor de esmalte que voce desejar.

Nao e pratico e facil? E ainda mais voce vai ficar com seus pes arrazando no verao brasileiro.

Existem tantos cremes e exfoliantes para os pes. Basta so voce querer...

Gostaram das dicas? Agora comentem!!

Aquele abraco!!

AVON COSMETIC Shop online...

Avon Cosmetic online shop has got many offers just for you, full of new products and lots of beauty tips...
Don't miss it!!
Click on the link below and find out more..
I hope you find everything you need!!

Best Wishes,

Valentine's Day! Get your perfect gift!

Hello There!

Check these amazing gifts for Valentine's out from Sigma Beauty only for you!!

I hope you love it!!

Beauty products for man's skin!

A man's skin has its own unique problems and vulnerabilities, the results are reflected on his face. Daily shaving damages the skin and excess sebum causes stickiness. These factors weaken the skin stratum corneum make it easily susceptible to roughness.
Then, the skin has to deal with external factors such as dryness, UV rays, and pollution, compounding the problems caused by fatigue, lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet, and mental stress.
Without daily skincare, the skin has to do all the recovery work on its own, and its energy reserves are often low. As a result, a man's skin is vulnerable to damage, and prone to problems. But few men have the time for a complex skincare regimen. For most men, skincare has to be simple. And it has to show results, fast.

Saying that I want to show the best product for man's skin:

Shiseido - Biotherm and Clinique


The company
Shiseido was born in Tokyo's Ginza district as Japan's first Western-style pharmacy in 1872, a time when herbal medicine was the norm. The company's founder, Arinobu Fukuhara, had been a chief pharmacist in a navy hospital. He founded Shiseido because he was displeased with the inferior medicine on the market, and aspired to establish a system of separating medical and dispensary practice in Japan. Arinobu was 23 years old at the time.
The origin of the name Shiseido comes from a classic Chinese text, the “Yi Jing” (“Book of Changes”), which reads, “Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values.” The company name expresses an “Oriental style, Western learning” way of thinking which includes the determination to create a new culture, building up a new business based on Western medicine, and a name inspired by Eastern philosophy

The products
For the man who always aims high. After years of research on the physiology of men's skin, Shiseido cutting-edge technology delivers the ultimate in luxury. The pride of Shiseido Men, your creams infuses skin with a vitality that projects a sharp intellect. Skin becomes resistant to the signs of fatigue and decline.


The Company
In 1985 Biotherm created a men’s skincare line and launched a dedicated brand: Biotherm Homme. The brand’s mission is clear and has been the same since its founding: making men comfortable with the idea of taking good care of their skin, every day.
Today’s Biotherm Man is represented by Takeshi Kaneshiro in Asia, Daniel Henney in Korea, Chris Noth in Canada and Tyson Ballou in the rest of the world. The Biotherm Man is an active, athletic, healthy man who combines charisma with natural virility and knows how to take care of himself. 

The Product
Memories of watching his father’s barber when he was a child and seeing that invigorating slap of after-shave inspired Lucien Aubert, Director of Biotherm Laboratories when the brand was created, to create a line dedicated to men and their skin, Biotherm is more for younger skin as it comes from natural resources.
For 25 years Biotherm Homme has remained a pioneer in men’s skincare by creating products specifically for men and designed for their needs and lifestyles, all the while offering innovative application methods, formulas and services. Biotherm Homme’s close relationship with its customers and in-depth understanding of men has made the brand a key player in every country where its products are distributed


The Company
Clinique Laboratories LLC. is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of prestige skin care and fragrance products.
Clinique was first launched in 1968 with skin care that are all allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. Their products have been designed to address individual skin types and needs.

The product
The products are based on research and related expertise of leading dermatologists. Clinique's skin care products are marketed as part of the 3-Step Skin Care System: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise.
Clinique 3-Step Skin Care, created just for men and custom-fit to all skin types: dry, normal, oily-even sensitive skins. Plus solutions for skins prone to blemishes, redness. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Clinic is more for older skin as it has more chemicals.

Which product do you like the most?

Make 2012 your feel good year!!!

Resolutions: easy to make, harder to stick to!

That is why I picked up some smart ways to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small, it makes a huge difference..
Be inspired by this four tips I have got you.

Give up smoking or getting fitter are just a couple of ideas to help you achieve your goals. Find out how you can take charge of your health.

If your willpower is wavering (mine began wobbling in this month of Jan). My guide to staying motivated will help keep you on track. Of course feeling good is about looking good too, and i have got a new year beauty guide for you, from getting great-looking skin whatever your age to find the perfect foundation, you will be glowing before you know it.

My personal feel good goal? Carry on with my gym at least twice a week without the laziness.
just need to make sure I've got those motivational tips to hand...

Good luck with your endeavours!!

What is your goal for 2012?

Oi Meninas e Meninos de uma Olhada na Bora Colega que esta cheia de novidades!!!

5 Razoes porque voce esta sempre gripado(a)

Oi gente, hoje vou dar algumas dicas para voce sobre a gripe. Muita gente vive gripado(a). Porque sera?? Confira:

1-Você não está tendo as vitaminas que precisa
Sem as vitaminas e minerais, o nosso sistema imune não se mantem em pe. A fruta cítrica são fontes especialmente ricas de vitaminas.

2- Você tem uma intolerância de algum tipo de comida
As alergias podem causar escorrimento do nariz e muitos sofrem com essa intolerância.

3- Você devide a maquina de lavar?
Segundo os microbiólogos a máquina lavar pode ser um dos pontos de transferência principais de germes. A lavagem elimina até 99 % das bactérias, mas quando há milhões, e mais difficil de acabar com todas.

4-Você vai dormir mito tarde
Estudos mostram que as pessoas que não dormem e bem estao mais vulneraveis a ficar doente.

5-Você precisa de mais ação
Sexo duas vezes na semana aumenta o level da imunoglobulina A, uma substância encontrada na saliva e no nariz que ajuda o nosso sistema imune a combater a gripe.

Espero que voces gostem e comentem!!!
Um abraco!!

5 reasons you've always got a cold...

Hi guys I got this post from Magazine Now: Ready it!!

1- You are not having your 5 a day
Without optimum levels of vitamins and minerals, our immune system can't kick ass. Citrus fruit and red berries are particularly rich sources of immunity-boosting vitamin c.
2- You've got a food intolerance
Allergies can cause a runny nose and 45% of the population now suffer from a food intolerance.
3- You re sharing a washing machine
According to microbiologists the wash machine can be one of the major transfer points for germs. Washing eliminates up to 99% of bacteria but when there are millions, that leaves plenty to spread.
4- You re getting to bed too late
Studies have shown that people who don't get enough sleep are more likely to catch colds than those who do.

5- You need more action
Having sex once or twice a week is thought to increase levels of immunoglobulin A, a substance found in saliva and the nose that helps our immune systems fight colds and flu.

I hope you like it and leave your comments telling us what is your five a day favorite!!

See you soon!

How to keep our feet healthy

We are always worried about our body, face, hands and we always forget about our feet. How can we wear beautiful sandals if our heels scare anyone? We know that there are all kind of creams and soaps to keep our feet hydrated, but I have some very important tips:

1 - First of all, soak your feet in hot water for 15 minutes using liquid soap to leave that very thick skin soft, I recommend Avon Foot Works Lavender Foot Soak £4.

2- Then use a scrub and exfoliates your feet for 2 minutes each, to remove all the dead skin from your feet and leave your feet softer and cleaner, I recommend Foot Works Lavender Comfort Exfoliating Clay Mask £ 4.60

3 - And finally you must use a moisturizer to keep your feet healthy and much softer, I recommend Foot Works Overnight Renewing Foot Cream £5

You should repeat this process at least once a week and you will already feel the difference within two weeks of use. I also recommend Avon Moisturising Socks for the night for just £ 3.
Send an email if you would like to try.

Best wishes!!

Como manter os nossos pes saudavel

Nos estamos sempre nos preocupando com o nosso corpo, rosto, maos mais sempre esquecemos dos nossos pes. O que adianta calcar uma sandalia arrazadora se o nosso calcanhar e de assustar qualquer um? Sabemos que existe varios cremes e saboes para manter os nossos pes hidratado, mais tenho umas dicas muito importante:1- Coloque seus pes em agua quente por 15 minutos usando um sabao liquido para deixar aquela pele bem grossa amaciar, eu recomendo Foot Works Lavender Foot Soak da Avon £4.
2- Em seguida, use um exfoliante nos pes and exfolia por 2 minutos cada pe, o exfoliante e para tirar todas as celulas mortas da pele do seus pes e deixar seus pes mais macios e limpos, eu recomendo Foot Works Lavender Comfort Exfoliating Clay Mask £4.60

3- E por utimo voce deverar usar um creme hidratante para manter seus pes saudaveis e muito mais macios, eu recomendo Foot Works Overnight Renewing Foot Cream £5

Voce deverar repetir este processo pelo menos uma vez por semana e voce ja vai sentir diferenca em duas semanas de uso. Eu tambem recomendo as meias de pe da avon para a noite Moisturising Socks por apenas £3.

Me manda um email se voce tiver interessada.

Um beijo!

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