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Avon Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation - #review

Hi Girls,

I have used this foundation forever and in my opinion it's one of the best cream to powder foundation yet. It looks natural, lasts well and isn't heavy at all.

I'd definitely recommend this one. It's a lovely and efficient foundation, but it was also my first Cream-To-Powder foundation. I have been using this foundation on and off a lot. I always use a liquid foundation but I've decided to try something new and it's a medium to full coverage foundation wears up to 8 hours. Excellent choice! My shade is medium-beige at the moment.

They say: Lightweight formula applies as a smooth cream and dries to a natural-looking velvety powder. The smooth,even, flawless finish lasts all day, helping reduce shine and adding moisture where necessary, depending on your skin type with SPF15.

This foundation is really good for who has oily or combination skin, because once you apply it becomes powder. Excellent to get rid of the shine specially on the chin and nose.

I don't think it's suitable for a very dry skin as it can become very cakey with the skin peeling off, as it occur with dry skin though. The price is OK and it's always on the Avon catalogue which doesn't happen with most of avon products... Because I don't need much from this product, it lasts a long time with me.

Anyway I found this foundation quite effective... I would love to know what you think...

Best Wishes,

Fashion Trends Spring 2014 - Review

How colourful is the next season! Lots of red, orange, nude and pink colours around the fashion word.  The nails polishes and lipsticks are following the trends that were on the catwalks around the world.

I can't wait to try the new rich and bold colours on my nails and lips specially the pinks, which I love. We are looking forward to the new season after so much rain and gray, now it's time to put some colour in our daily routine, it could be on our hair, nails, lips, cheeks, eyes and also on our outfits. 

I also recommend for those who loves nail art to try new designers and shape and few fabulous all day long. There are an extensive world of nail art which you could even apply at home, however I do suggest a professional for a much more tidy look.

Do you want some inspiration? Just check the pics below. I hope this post has been very helpful...

Fashion: Shimmering Metallic Party Dresses

Hi Girls,

In this festive season our evening wardrobe was redefined with shimmering metallic dresses and glitzy embellished accessories. Thanks to Dolce & Gabbana and other's latest AW13 collection this trend is firmly on the fashion agenda. Inspired by the age of glamour our high street shops' metallic party dresses will give our party wardrobe instant wow factor. Lots of glitter and shimmering! Watch this space!

They are so sophisticated, chic and elegant for any party and much special in Christmas and new Years because of their glittery season. I just got one from Oasis which is absolutely beautiful with its metallic golden colour and black just the way I like it.

The trend can be found pretty much in any high street shop and they are not expensive at all, well, there are the nice ones and the gorgeous ones... The dresses go from £30 to £100 so it can be worn by anyone and you don't even need to spend all you cash.

See below some ideas for your amazing Christmas party and please do let us know your preferable ones... Amazing!!!

See ya!

Summer trend: Metallic Make-up

Metallic make-up reappears every year. It can looks really nice on a summer day in the city, but the truth is that the metallic looks better in the glow of a beachy sunset.

For me particularly the metallic trend never ends and the finish that gives to a look is amazing! I'm always wearing something with metallic shade. 

We can play up our glowing skin for evening with a shimmering silver or black eye shadow or a lovely cooper eyeliner with winged for the day. All this came from the runways straight to us simple mortals. 
Give your make-up a shake up this summer for a bright and Metallic finish. Be bright and bold and get the gorgeous look with metallic finish. 

I love to mix gold and silver for a more eccentric look, a bit of creation won't kill anyone, try to think outside of the box, you can create an amazing look mixing colours and texture especially metallics.

Get inspired...!

Where to buy? Click on the photos below:

Fashion: How to wear the shirt-dress...?

This's a new trend for spring and summer, maybe Fall too, it's the beautiful shirt-dress which can be wore with almost anything to change the look from day to night, be and feel gorgeous.

For a relaxed look it can be wore with over jeans and flat sandals or for a much more different look for the seasons add a floppy hat and a lovely hills, let's not forget the clutch bag. 

It's a wonderful look very summery and comfortable for any occasion day or night and the accessories such as bangles, necklaces and big earrings to give it a fun look. 
You will even find the shirt-dresses on the runways with a more elegant look.

Get inspired by these lovely ladies and get the look.

Eyebrows - What's the Big Trend Right Now?

Eyebrows: The eyebrow is an area of thick hairs above the eyes that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges. Their main function is to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are also important to human communication and facial expression. It is not uncommon for people – women in particular – to modify their eyebrows by means of hair addition, removal, make-up  tattoo, or piercings. Our dictionary says. 
I think it's one of the important things on our face, actually every little bit on the face is very important anyway. 

Our brows must be always in shape according to our face and eyes. Eyebrows are a major facial feature and that is why we should be careful  when we pluck them. 
Cosmetic methods have been developed to alter the look of the eyebrows, whether the goal is to add or remove hair, change the colour  or change the position of the eyebrow. 
There was a time when thinner eyebrows were a massive trend like in the 20s and a time when thicker eyebrows were the big trend like 50s and 60s. 
Many women still wear very thin brows which I think doesn't suit anybody to be honest, when I see someone with over plucked eyebrows especially young teenage girls, I want to shout at them, it isn't nice any more. There are so many makeup artists triyng to pass on the message about over plucked eyebrows which I think is amazing.

Now a days the eyebrows are much more nicer with its length and thickness, to have a bushy, but not too much, and very very natural look is a must, the trend hopefully came to stay for long and we should give it a try at least and let it grow as natural as possible. 
The worse thing is to over pluck the eyebrows and get them completely wrong I know because as a beauty therapist I see a lot of clients coming the salon with damage brows and in many cases the hairs don't come back any more in some area and it's very difficult to fix them having gaps, but I always try my best. 

I want to show you examples of celebrities' brows that you could follow and try to let it grow, I know it's very hard but it should be done and go to a professional to have them done for you is the best thing you could do for your brows. Trust me you will love it... YouTube has a lot how to videos to fix brows if you really can't leave your home and you are confident to do it yourself, but remember keeping most of it is the trend right now, you just need to find the right shape for your face and eyes.

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