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@MACcosmetics @zucainc Make-up case para Maquiadores

Gente, comprei esta mala da ZÜCA com um desconto maravilhoso no stand da MAC no show de maquiagem que aconteceu neste último fim de semana aqui em Londres, a UMAE.
Esta mala para você que é maquiador(a) para ir trabalhar é tudo de bom.  Eu tenho que falar, ela é caríssima por aqui onde moro principalmente sendo da MAC, alias não foi a MAC que fez a mala, e sim a ZÜCA que  uma empresa que comercializa malas e a empresa também é americana.  

A mala tem 4 rodinhas, bolsinhos dos dois lados e a atrás , é tudo do de bom para quem que carregar suas ferramentas de trabalho para cima e para baixo pela cidade. A parte de cima foi feita para sentar os clientes e o máximo é 136 kg, feita com material de primeira e super resistente, ótima para o  dia a dia...

Dentro da mala tem 4 necessaires grande para colocar a maquiagem e também uma capa para proteger a mala no dia de chuva, mais eu comprei mais duas necessaires para colocar produtos e cabe tudo dentro da mala apesar dela aparecer pequena é bem espaçosa por dentro.

Não é um produto barato mais eu acho que vale a pena por ser de qualidade e não e tão fácil de achar, tem que encomendar pelo site da Zuca ou da MAC apesar que a Inglot e outras marcas de maquiagem também vendem esta mala.

Está aí a dica e para quem gostou, um cometário seria perfeito... Beijos!

Brighten, Sparkle & Glow Make-up Collection for spring/summer 2013

The collections that were designed to give us a instant lift for the spring/summer have always been around but this year there are a lot more shades and texture.
For our luck there are many brands that came up with so many choices of colours to instant brightens and gives all skin tones a luminescent glow. From sparkles eye shadow, lightweight concealer, illuminates face powder to amazing  moisturiser and pretty lip gloss.
You will find anything from MACBobbi Brown and Top Shop...
Most products not only brighten the skin but also they smooth, firm and hydrate while they provide a plumper and more evenly finish. That what is good about brighten make-up cosmetics because they do all this and treat the skin.
Here are some ideas in what to get for different types of skin.

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Women Buy More Beauty Products During a Recession...

Girls pay attention to this post that I took from Fashionista website, it is very interesting:

"The so-called “Lipstick Effect”–the phenomenon of women buying more beauty products during economic downturns–gets a lot of attention during recessions. It’s a purchasing pattern that can be traced back to the Great Depression; the economy takes a turn for the worse, so women want to buy something pretty to cheer themselves up. It’s been documented a lot, most recently in 2008, like when Lehman Brothers went bust but L’Oreal posted increased sales.

The conventional thinking is this: The economy sucks, so we need to cheer ourselves up with some hot pink lipstick and glitter nail polish. It’s much more pleasant writing a rent check with nice nails, right?
A new study, however, points to a much more Darwinian cause for our desire to run out and get a new blush once the Dow drops. A new report (via HuffPo)–actually a series of five studies–from researchers at Texas Christian University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas at San Antonio and Arizona State University theorizes that we’re buying that shiny, seductive lip gloss because we’re trying to catch ourselves a fella who can help out with the aforementioned rent.
The first of the five studies confirmed that spending on beauty products really does increase during recessions. The results of the subsequent studies, in which unmarried female subjects read about the recession, choose items to buy, and rated their feelings of attractiveness (it was actually much more complicated than we’re making it sound) are where it gets freaky. It basically all comes down to attracting a mate–preferably with a nice bank account–with your kissable lips:
"Because there are fewer men with access to resources in recessionary periods, women‘s desire for resource access in a mate increased in response to recession cues…these findings show that the lipstick effect reflects a strategic shift in women‘s consumer behavior that is guided by the desire to attract the mates they most desire in an environment where they are rarified."

Which basically means that in a recession there are fewer sugar daddies around so you need to up your game. And this was independent of socioeconomic status; even women with a decent paycheck exhibited these “Lipstick Effect” behaviors. This is the most depressing thing we’ve heard in a long time.
We’re heading right out and splurging on a new Chanel lipstick in a man-repelling color just because we deserve it, damn it!"

So girls, what do you think about it? I think on the other hand, it is absolutely true as I can speak for myself. Even when I am broke sometimes I still spend a lot of money with makeup and stuff. Crazy, isn't it?

We have to be fabulous, always, no matter what!!

Smart Shopper...

Hello Everyone!

Here are some tips from the Stylist Katie Greengrass and the Senior Dresses Buyer at Topshop Camille Perry who gave Look Magazine some ideas, how to get the best clothes and accessories at the right moment, price and place. So girls stay tuned and good shopping...

1- Bookmark favourite pieces all season
Do this and keep an eye out when the sales start. As soon as they go live, grab a bargain before it sells out.

2- Be creative
Try to create your jewellery as it cheaper and you can make so many things. Watch out for any jewellery maker Blog, where you can have deferent ideas.

3- Look for style inspiration everywhere
You can browse sites such Tumblr, Pinterest or any Fashion Blogs.

4- Shop your wardrobe
You can work out what you haven't worn in a while and then spin those pieces with new items to create different look like Olivia Palermo.

5- Visit charity shops for vintage treasures
Those bargain buys are often in the least sought-out places.

6- Buy a size bigger
If you are buying online, where you can't return an item most of the times. You can always make clothes smaller with alterations, however enlarging then is almost impossible.

7- Always check the refund policy before you buy
Some stores only give credit notes or exchanges, find this out first to avoid awkward moments at the till.

8- Try things on before you dismiss them
Garments often look totally different on the hanger than they do on your body.

9- Mix up your shopping area
One chain store branch in a central city location will have a totally different selection os stock to a high-street branch, so be sure to shop around.

These are some tips for everyone who spends a lot, so if you are on this list, you can try these, which will save you time and money.

Thank you for stopping buy...

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