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FASHION - Jewelled Knitted Hat

Hello ladies,

What a weather in these days hum! It has been crazy with the cold, the rain, the snow in the wrong season and everything else that is happening around us, but luckily someone came up with this amazing idea to keep us warm and at the same time on trend.

The trend right now is this lovely winter hat with jumbo jewellery glued on it, what an amazing idea! You probably thought "why did I not think about this before?" As it looks so simple and so pretty to wear, but don't despairs someone else came up with this idea, now, you just have to enjoy the trend.
You can rock it with a high-impact jewels for a statement off-duty spin, thanks for the Paris Fashion Week where it came from.
The humble knitted hat has gained serious cult status and it looks like the trend is here to stay, specially with the weather like that.

But ladies do not worry, if you think these hats are expensive just go to You Tube who has countless videos step-by-step tutorials. All you need to do is pick up your favourite style and starting sewing...

Otherwise these gorgeous hat can be found at River Island. 

What do you think about this black dress? O que vc acha deste vestido preto?

Model for Lavaliere's Fashion Show

Hello guys just to say that I was invited to join the models for Lavaliere's fashion show.

It was brilliant, full of beautiful ladies and an amazing place. I really enjoyed myself.

Hope to do that again!!!

Best Wishes!!

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