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Makeup Tutorial Inspiration

Hello Ladies,

Here I am again with another makeup tutorial only for you, and this time is about our beautiful Kim Kardashian.

I tried the brown, a bit of black, loads of eyeliner and mascara and nude shimmering lip gloss with a golden glow on the cheeks and face, just the way she likes it.

This is just an inspiration, not a similar makeup.

I hope you like the video and if you do please let me know that you liked it, by clicking like on you tube channel and leaving your comments...

All used products are below the video on YouTube website and at the end of the post.

Watch the video:

I really hope you like it!!


Products that I used

Avon foundation (click here)
Avon concealer (click here)
Avon facial powder (click here)
Benefit Cosmetic Creaseless for eyeshadow and eyeliner (click here)
Sigma Eyeshadow (click here)
Avon Gel Eyeliner (click here)
Sigma Brushes (click here)
Benefit Cosmetic blush (click here)
Benefit Cosmetic bronzer (click here)
Benefit Lip Gloss (click here)
Benefit cosmetic highlight (click here)

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