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My Makeup Master-Class Featured on @CountyWeddings Magazine

Hi Ladies!

I'm so happy to have my makeup tips featured on a magazine a couple of times, specially on a wedding magazine as I love working with brides, I mean, transforming a women in a sophisticated and elegant lady on their big day and see their happiness and satisfaction with my work is really rewarding for me.

Working as a MUA my goal isn't to change people completely but to have the ability not only make people feel good about themselves, but also to empower women by bringing out their natural beauty and confidence on their dreaming day specially.

It inspires me to continuous with my work and gain more and more knowledge about the industry and not just make ladies feel prettier but also teach them a bit of what I know if there is a situation of lack of money or they want to do it themselves. I do hope that with my expertises on a magazine, it would help many women at least the basics, which isn't hard to do, but on the other hand it's so lovely been pampered and not stress about anything else to have a fresh face on your wedding.

Loads of tips about shine skin, dry skin, lips, makeup, etc. Be happy, be gorgeous and be yourself...

See ya! 

Best Beauty Looks at the 2015 Golden Globes

Hya Girls,

Another year and another Golden Globes Red Carpet... How beautiful and elegant those women looked! Their looks get better and better every time. To complement the stunning and amazing make-up looks they were transformed with their dazzling and shiny dresses. The hair styles were also so beautiful and makeup from soft and daring lips to dramatic and nude smokey eyes.

Not just the lips and the eyes but also the contouring and highlights which gave the looks a dazzling finish. The natural looks also made an statement....  I just love watching the red carpet events, it's a kind of party we (normal people) will never be part of but just seen what's on from makeup, to hairstyle and fashion can be quite exciting...

Even the older ones looked stunning from head to toe and they look like they will never aged. I like everything sparkling specially eye makeup and jewellery... One more beautiful than the other!! All our favourite film stars and television actors showed their gorgeous looks to inspire us every time!

Gorgeous waves, amazing red and dark lips and nude and dramatic smokey eyes, all in one night!!! lots of classic, old-Hollywood glamour, including deep side parts and sculpted waves galore..

I hope you like the post, let us know what look you liked best... 

@Avon_UK Shine Attract Lipstick #Review #Photos & #Swatches

Us, girls are always trying to find the best cosmetics on the market, it could be an affordable product or a designer top brand product. Most of those products we never know which one is the best and suitable for our skin.
I love Avon products which are very affordable and also very good and today I'm posting about Avon Shine Attract Lipstick.

I have to say I didn't pay much attention to the product at the beginning. When I opened the beautiful silver packaging and I saw the lipstick I left it in my makeup box for weeks, until my daughter used it and I saw the gorgeous shade and finish on her lips.

I asked her which one it was and when she told me that it was the Avon Shine Attract, I was amazed and I regret not using it before. 

As soon as I applied the lipstick I could feel the hydration and it is so creamy with a great smell. The outer gel layer gives a nice soft lips and the lipstick in the middle gives a lovely colour. It has SPF for protection and it's great for summer!

There are 9 shades and the best of all, Non-sticky... Amazing!

I hope you like it and let us know what you think...

Thank you for stopping by.

How to make your eyes look bigger & lips look fuller

Hi Ladies,

Big bright eyes always look appealing, try to make them appeal wide open, swap black eyeliner on your water line for a nude or white eyeliner pencil to give the impression you have a bigger eyes. It will make your eyes look brighter too, alternatively there are mascaras that enhances your look, it's worth a try. 

The plumper the lips the sexier you will look, here is how to supersize them: Try a lip gloss with plumping ingredients, and lip liner is a blessing for thin lips, you just need to drawn a little higher than your lip line. You can also wear a lipgloss that stands out, a gloss always make your lips look fuller. Even a red shade will not kill anyone.

You can change the way your look only with makeup, which is cheaper. Of course if you want to look your best you need to do that everyday, so it's always good to get a bit of practice from the pros to be able to do your own makeup. Keep that in mind and be inspired by the professionals. Now a days, there are plenty "how to" videos on youtube which won't cost you anything. 

Thanks for stopping by...

@AirbaseMakeUp - Maquiagem com Airbrush para Noivas

O airbrush é a mais nova técnica para fazer maquiagem em que se utiliza uma pistola que liga a um compressor de ar produzindo jatos de tinta. No momento existe 7 bases, 2 blushes e 1 bronzer para contornar o rosto desta marca. 

Eu fiz o curso do airbrush com a própria empresa chamada AirBase-Makeup nesta semana e amei tudo do inicio ao fim. Começamos o curso aprendendo sobre todo o material que usa e como limpar a pistola, muito fácil! Esta técnica foi inventada por uma beauty guru chamada Judy Naake que trouxe o bronzeamento artificial em spray chamada St. Tropez para o Reino Unido.

Todos os produtos desta marca são formulados baseado em silicone pois dura mais, hidrata a pele por deixar a pele respirar embaixo da base e tem um acabamento super natural. Achei incrível e contem vitamina A e E. Quando pulverizado usando o aerógrafo a pistola atomiza o produto fazendo as partículas bem pequena. É por isso que airbrush make-up é usado em HD TV, cinema e principalmente em noivas que não deixa a pele muito brilhosa e as fotos ficam ótimas com acabamento de HD.

A maquiagem da AirBase-Makeup tira todas as imperfeições da pele como cicatrizes, veias, disfarça a celulite e esconde tatuagem. A finalidade não é bronzear, mas acaba ficando com uma tonalidade perfeita sem brilho. 

Por eu estar sempre trabalhando com noivas resolvi fazer e o curso e comprar o kit completo, mais tenho que falar, e bem caro!! Rsrsrs!! Mais como maquiadora(o) você pode tirar uma grana ótima com esta técnica que e muito fácil de trabalhar.

Então pessoal, está ai a dica para maquiadores e logo logo estarei com esta técnica aqui em Londres. Fiquem ligadas meninas, para aquelas que estão de casamento marcado procurando maquiadora....!

Um beijo!!

@maybellineNYUK Colour Tattoo 24hr by Eyestudio - #review #photos & #swatches

Hello Ladies!
Cream gel eye-shadow for long-lasting shimmery metallic shades, it is smooth, bold Metallic Shades and 24hr wear cream gel formula for a really smooth application... So lovely!
The metallic finish is what we were looking for party look, I mean, the texture is really creamy, when applied it sticks perfectly and the duration is extraordinary; it lasts longer and you don't even need to retouch. Amazing!

You can wear it on its own or you can use with another eye-shadow on top just to give a nice finish and make it stays as long as you want, it is so good that even when you clean it, doesn't come so easily.

Maybelline has 10 shades in total for £4.99 each at Boots. Very affordable!

This one I recommend!

Thank you for stopping by...

@revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain #review, #photos & #swatches

Hello Ladies,

This was one of the first Balm Stains from Revlon that I bought, and this is the only one that I've tested so far.
I love the formula, the packaging, and the product itself. 

It's so pigmented, just the way I like it!, However after a while I noticed that it got a bit cakey on my lips, just like the lipsticks with long duration, they say that it gives you softer, smoother lips with a flush of shiny colour that lasts hour after hour.

Mine didn't last an hour, this colour does have a light peppermint fragrance, so good though!
I have dry lips and I felt that it didn't leave my lips so hydrated or smoothed for long. It's easy to apply with its rounded tip.

The pencil twists up from the bottom when you need some more.
So I don't know really. It is OK, but not the way I was expecting though. It is creamy, yes, but not that creamy! The price isn't so bad.

Let me know what you think...

See ya!

Summer fashion photoshoot


Long time!

I was pretty busy with lots happening in my life which is great! I mean Good things, of course. I had a photoshoot done and I want to show you guys the looks that I did on the model.

It was a country girl in summer photo shoot, the idea was to bring the beautiful country side to the pics and show how beautiful it can be. It was a great idea. The model was great and so was the photographer. Amazing looks.

We were a bit out of time so I only did two looks, which one was a brownish smokey eyes and a pink nude lips and the second look was a bit more lighter with a darker pink lips.

The day was also amazing, thank God! We could make the most of it... There is more photoshoots to come, watch this space... If you would like to see more of my work, please go to my website or facebook page.

I hope you guys like the photos!

Best wishes!


Anew Beauty Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner

Hi There,

Anew Beauty Lip Plumping has a excellent moister for the lips and the conditioner gives them a nice shine too,  I have one and I always try to buy a new one before it finishes as I can't live without the plumper, specially in the winter, but it's also very good in summer to protect against sun damage. It restore a youthful looking appearance for a plumper and fuller lips. With double the retinal to boost collagen renewal. Wow!!

It can be used on its own or before lipstick, I particularly prefer use it before my lip glosses. I think the price is quite good for a beauty product like that and with me the conditioner lasts forever. We can find it through an Avon representative or buy online. So it's very easy to find. 

When I use the plumper my lips feel silk soft and line free and it does make us feel good about ourselves as it regenerates the lips and it has a pleasant subtle scent, is non greasy, extremely hydrating and feels great on. One of the bests Anew products...

@Avon_UK Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls - #review

Hi Girls,

I've been using Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearl for years and I love it so much because its shimmering and finish which left my face with a gorgeous luminous all day long. It's a reasonable price at £10 and lasts for hours... The shimmering pearls give skin the luminous look of a natural tan and a sun-kissed glow.

The package is so cute and the product itself is really soft with a lovely smell and an amazing shimmering. It is Multicolored pearls swirl together for an instant radiant glow. It gave a golden glow to my cheeks. 

There are two shades: Cool and Warm and my one is cool which is a lighter shade for pale, fair and medium skin tone and it also feels so light on the skin. Great product for summer! You must try! They say it is suitable for face and body, I'm not sure, but it worth a try!

I hope the post was helpful! 

Leave your comments below if you are interested to know more...

See ya!

Avon Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation - #review

Hi Girls,

I have used this foundation forever and in my opinion it's one of the best cream to powder foundation yet. It looks natural, lasts well and isn't heavy at all.

I'd definitely recommend this one. It's a lovely and efficient foundation, but it was also my first Cream-To-Powder foundation. I have been using this foundation on and off a lot. I always use a liquid foundation but I've decided to try something new and it's a medium to full coverage foundation wears up to 8 hours. Excellent choice! My shade is medium-beige at the moment.

They say: Lightweight formula applies as a smooth cream and dries to a natural-looking velvety powder. The smooth,even, flawless finish lasts all day, helping reduce shine and adding moisture where necessary, depending on your skin type with SPF15.

This foundation is really good for who has oily or combination skin, because once you apply it becomes powder. Excellent to get rid of the shine specially on the chin and nose.

I don't think it's suitable for a very dry skin as it can become very cakey with the skin peeling off, as it occur with dry skin though. The price is OK and it's always on the Avon catalogue which doesn't happen with most of avon products... Because I don't need much from this product, it lasts a long time with me.

Anyway I found this foundation quite effective... I would love to know what you think...

Best Wishes,

Resenha: Base da Benefit Cosmetic - Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening

Oi meninas lindas,

Recebi esta base semana passada testei e agora estou aqui para dizer o que acho:

Esta base e bem liquida, com sua textura bem fina e muito suave. E para aquelas que gostam de um look bem mais natural.

Mais ao mesmo tempo esconde bastante as imperfeições da pele deixando um acabamento perfeito!

A embalagem vem com um (pump function) esta bombinha na tampa para você não gastar muito o produto sem necessidade, mais não rende muito, você tem que colocar um pouco mais do que o normal para cobrir a pele. E ótimo para usar todos os dias porque da uma sensação de estar bem natural.

Vocês sabem que a Benefit Cosmetic não e tao barata mais acho que vale a pena dar uma conferida.

Espero que gostem e não esqueçam de me dizer o que acham...

Base Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening da Benefit Cosmetic

Um Beijo!!

How To Apply Strip Lashes...

Hi Ladies!

These beauty products were made a centuries ago for actresses to do their plays, with the time changing and people as well, everybody started wearing them: housewives, moms, girls, all kind of women!!

Now a days you see almost everybody wearing them on the streets, even the guys "who are not guys", which is so normal, doesn't matter whether or occasion...

And you have also single eyelash extension which has been out for only a few years, you will find many women wearing them everywhere, they last up to 8 weeks and you can sleep, eat and shower with them and they will not come off (don't rub them though).

But going back to our strip false eyelashes... They are so good because you can glue and take them off whenever you want and you can wearing different shapes, sizes and designers. They were designed to last a day only and you have the flares ones (clusters) which is a bit more difficult to apply on your self, you need a lot of practice or only makeup artists are trained to apply them in no time.

Step by step:

1- You have to measure the false eyelashes with your natural bottom lashes.

2- Then you have to cut the side which was left.

3- Now you apply a line of glue on the edge and wait 30 seconds to dry (if you apply it with the glue still too wet, it will not fix)

4- After the glue is almost dry with a tweezers you apply the product on the up lashes right at the roots, if you see it is not quite right you can take it out and reapply it without applying extra glue.

If you practise a few times you will notice your application is getting better.

The best ones, that I really like are the ones from Eylure which you can find in any pharmacy or cosmetic store. They come in a box with a glue which, very easy to apply, soft and light. I think it is one of the best glues for false eyelashes, bought in a shop. You can use the duo eyelash glue as well.

Check the video out step by step, how to apply strip eyelashes:

As a beauty therapist I work also with semi-permanent single eyelashes extension, the treatment time is 90 minutes, the lashes last up to 8 weeks. I glue lash by lash to your natural lashes and they look extremely natural and changes your look to a much more elegant finish bringing your confidence back.  I strongly recommend a try.

Thank you for stopping by and Let me know your thoughts...

@MACcosmetics Lipsticks: Pink Plaid & Snob - Review, Photos & Swatches

Hello There!

Everyone loves M.A.C Cosmetics especially their lipsticks which we can find in any colour, texture and finish.
This is the first time a bought M.A.C lipstick and I have to say they are so creamy, beautiful colours and these two are my favourite because I love pink with a matte finish.
Both colours are a bit similar to each other, however one is darker than the other.
They say: "Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous". 

I also bought a M.A.C Glamglass lip pencil "Hip n Happy" to match with both shades. 
They say: "A pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Lip Pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that is perfect for lining the lips or filling them in. They are long-lasting and available in a wide selection of colours that each work well with many different lipstick shades. The colour of Lip Pencils has Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant. Lip Pencils can be worn alone, with Lipstick, or Lipglass." I prefer with lipstick like the majority.  

These ones I recommend! I hope you like the post and let me know your thoughts... 

Lipsticks (click here)
Lip pencil (click here)

See ya!!

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