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Best Fringe #hairstyle 2012

Hello Ladies, If you need to accomplish a new style in 2013 for yourself or others, then look no further but here and check out those Celebrities beauty that made a huge success with their hair style and beautiful "bangs" as they say.
I chose the best ones to give you an idea what to wear and make yourself a much more beautiful you on trendy. 
You will find all different styles from short ones to a long and curved ones. For me doesn't matter, really because I just love all of them and even had mine done as well. 

Taylor Swift's Layers & Airy Bangs kept her lengthy layers, but added sweeping fringe. Go for eyebrow-skimming bangs, with angled, below-the-chin layers that blend into the rest of your strands.

Demi Lovato with her beautiful long brunet hair and her blant bangs hairstyle giving a wonderful idea for 2013. 

Nicole Richie - Heavy bangs like this need to hit the right place, otherwise, they can easily overwhelm your face. Ask your stylist to snip them just below the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces on the sides so they don’t mask your eyes. The centre strands can be feathery as a little forehead peeking through is ideal.

From side-swept to blunt, the best bangs comes in all shapes and lengths like the beautiful Charlize Theron.

"Slick" and "smooth" were the main aims of Selena Gomez's hairstyle at the 2008 CNN Heroes event. Jagged edges gave a wispy and textured finish right to the ends, and heavy bangs were cut to frame the top of her face

Reese Witherspoon: Heart-Shaped Face Layered, feathered bangs. The shortest pieces should hit the arch of your eyebrows; the longest should meet the outer corners of your eyes. 

Kim Kardashian with her long dark and straight hair style with a beautiful bang just enough to make the look perfect!

Rihanna with her bleach blond hair style with this heavy bangs, they look so amazing like a beach style, she is so pretty already anyway. 

Celebrity Hair Trend - Metallic Hair Colour...

Hello everyone! I took this amazing post from the Fashionista website, you will love it!!

Metal everything is having a moment in beauty right now.
This summer was all about metallic eye makeup, and now nails have taken a shine to the tone, with nail polish brands offering everything from Olympic medal metals to super shiny chrome shades. So it was only a matter of time before it found its way to hair.

Alex Brownsell, who’s the founder of the very cool Bleach Salon in London, and who just launched a Bleach flagship in the Dalston neighbourhood. Bleach has made a name for itself in the fashion industry and beyond (they’ve done the heads of Florence Welch, Sienna Miller and every It-girl in London practically) because of its innovative dip dyes, colouring techniques, and yes, bleaches. Turns out metallic is now her holy grail of hair colour.

 Metallic hair pops up occasionally on catwalks and editorials, but Brownsell is trying to bring it to the streets. Topshop Unique applied gold leaf to hair for their spring 2012 show, and Cynthia Rowley did metallic extensions for her Spring 2011 show. And let’s not forget tinsel extensions, which is what Beyoncé is sporting, that trend luckily died right about the same time that feather extensions did. So how does Brownsell propose getting it off the runway and onto our heads?

Brownsell said that she was inspired by the apocalypse, so she’s looking at darker colours and metallic and iridescent hues for fall.

 Go for the Gold:

• Shine: If you can’t get hair super glossy, the metallic effect won’t work. Wella Koleston has products that produce a very shiny effect, and be sure to finish off any style with a shine spray.

• Play with colour: If you want a gold look, start with blonde dye then add a bit of brown so it looks “sludgy,” Brownsell told us. Then lock it in with a shine treatment.

• Draw it on: If it needs more of a metallic kick, Brownsell and her stylists have used actual markers or spray paint to get a noticeable metallic shine.

• It won’t last: Like all the other hair colours that nature never intended, this is a temporary look, and will last a week or so if you take care of it correctly. This means minimal washing and heat styling.

Brownsell also gave us a few general hair colour tips from the “Bleach Bible:”

• Use a hair scrunchies instead of traditional hair elastics to prevent breakage. Yeah, you read that right. SCRUNCHIES!

• Think of your hair like a silk shirt and don’t wash it too much! Dry shampoo is your friend.

• Bumble and bumble Prep protein spray. 

• If you’re getting a weird colour done, ask your stylist to mix you up a special conditioner mixed with toner to help maintain the colour.

• Use a weekly reparative hair mask.

• Don’t vigorously towel dry. It causes frizzy split ends.

• If you MUST heat style, use a heat protect-ant product first.

 So tell us what do you prefer? Silver or Gold? You choose...

Plaited Bun Hair style...

Plaited bun is a really simple but effective hairstyle that doesn't require a hairstylist. This low-maintenance hairstyle has been worn on the red carpet by celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker (a super-high and glossy version), Natalie Portman and Kristen Bell (who also decided to add another plait around her plaited bun for extra impact).
Talk about hair inspiration! Celebs have been following the up-do of the summer, time to get practising those plaits... They are very easy and quick to do.
With this amazing hair style there are different ways to do it, choose what you like the most and try to do it on yourself a few times until you see you got the practice.
Want to try a cool braided hairstyle for prom, wedding, any party? Check out these glam braids look on our celebs: 
You can create these pretty, easy-to-do buns and braids in just minutes. ... 

  It is always good to do something nice and different for ourselves, don't be afraid in trying new thing... If you see it is getting difficult don't give up and keep trying until you can make it.


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