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10 Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop Out

We all love to accent our favourite features whether it be our hair, lips, eyes or all three. No matter what colour eyes you have, becoming aware of some simple techniques and making adjustments to your daily routine can really help your eye colour pop out.

Find below 10 ways to make your eyes stand out, brighten up and look awake! AMAZING!!

1- Line the inner corner of the eye or your lower lash line with an eye pencil in white, pink or silver. Blend in the line. For extra brightening, use the pencil to highlight the brow line. 

2- To brighten eyes apply white (high sheen) eye-liner above top lid. Silver works well also. 
Some people find that a nude shade works best for them. White can be too obvious for some skin tone if so, try a nude shade or something light peach or beige. 

3- Apply a tiny dab of concealer at the outer corners and blend it with a sponge. Skin around eyes is highly coloured; you need to smooth it out to make eyes look healthier and brighter.

4- To create brighter eyes around the eyelids, dot concealer from the lashes to the crease, blend slightly then apply a dot of highlighter at the inner corners of the eyes (this creates an illusion of bigger eyes as well).

5- To brighten eyes use a Q-tip cotton swab to apply a light shimmery shadow to the area between the bridge of the nose and eye. The light shadow will draw all eyes to yours. 

6- Don’t try to match the eye colour  a contrasting colour makes the eye pop.  

7- Brighten blue eyes and draw attention with Smoky Grey, Pink Smoke, Cappuccino, or eggplant.  Brighten Green eyes and draw attention with Perfect Pink or Wine & Roses.

8- Concentrate a darker shade on the outer corner of the eye and sweep across the lid.

9- A liquid liner has an amazing ability to stay on longer and creates a deeper colour. You can also make an eye-liner or brow colour out of some eye shadows.   

10- Use the lightest shade as a base and highlighter, the medium shade for contour/shading and the darkest as a liner.  

Your comments and questions are always welcome... Thank you!

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5 Ways to Keep Our Hair Healthy in Winter

Cold mornings can leave your hair looking dry and frizzy every year so I have 5 easy tips to leave your hair shiny and looking healthier which you will love it. These tips will really keep your hair gorgeous through whole Winter:

1 - Try to find hair care products with argan oil as it leaves your hair shiny alternatively you can use an argan oil serum straight to your hair.

2- If you like a homemade products for conditioning I have an excellent recipe which I was told by an amazing Brazilian hairdresser, mix a full tablespoon of normal sugar into your best hair mask and apply onto your wet/damp hair wrap your hair with kitchen foil to keep it warm and leave it for 30 mins, wash as normal. 

3- Never ever wash your hair in hot water as it can destroys the hair's natural oils and make your hair fall out. We all know it's cold but be a little brave and try to wash your hair in a warm-cold water.

4- Do not attempt going out with your hair wet, besides you are most likely to get a cold, your hair gets extremely frizzy and it can end up with split ends.

5- And finally as the cold and dryness are getting worse try to protect your hair against static which I know it can be very annoying for many people, apply any frizz control spray before you go out and don't forget to also use a good heat protector spray before you blow dry your hair, to be honest with you I can't leave with them a little hair spray as well to keep your locks in place won't hurt...

So girls here are my tips for you to keep your hair shiny and strong for winter I hope you all liked the post and let me know what you would do to keep your hair beautiful in this cold weather. Got any more you'd like to share? Leave a comment and let us know!

Thank you! 

Inspiração: Os penteados mais elegante de Cannes na França

Gente os penteados preso estão super em alta no momento graças ao Festival de Filme que aconteceu em Cannes. As celebridades arrasaram com seus cabelos e também maquiagem é claro, uma coisa completa a outra... Sao ideias ótima para fazer em casa ou até mesmo com profissional.

Depois de muito tempo de cabelos soltos ou ondulados as celebridades estão voltando a usar cabelos mais sofisticados para eventos de Red Carpet. Coques bagunçado, tranças e rabo de cavalo foram os penteados que mais se destacaram no festival e também não vamos esquecer dos topetes altos.

O Festival de Filmes em Cannes é um dos festivais mais elegantes e chiques e a celebridade marca presença com os melhores e mais bonitos vestidos, maquiagem super na moda e cabelos que deixa o queixo de gente caído. Mais hoje quero mostrar mais a cabeleira que com certeza vai fazer a cabeça de muita gente...

#hairstyle: #fringes Go Micro...

They say it was a massive hit on the runways, and now it's going crazy with celebrities... Who new this trend would make a big statement now a days?
There are celebrities with the new trend from the runways, these micro fringes came to stay and it's an excellent idea for spring and summer.
After hitting the hottest spring catwalk like Prada, Miu Miu and Simone Rocha it came strong among the celebrities like Rooney Mara, Lady Gaga, Katy Parry and Suri Cruise she's so cute isn't she?
They say moving your fringe above the brow line is a majorly anti-ageing giving the face a mini face-lift and it looks like that'll hang around for spring and summer. Luck us!!
why not embrace this season’s edgiest hair trend? It's a bold style that won’t fail to turn heads.
''This is a very bold, statement-making fringe for the daring divas, not girls next door, suitable for heart and square face shapes, this has an unapologetic appearance and will definitely get you noticed.'' says session hair stylist Marc Trinder.
This season’s micro-fringe has more attitude and impact than other hairstyle...

Curvaceous for loose waves to spiral curls - @Redken5thAve ’s Curl-Care Line

Comprehensive line of seven easy-to-use products for curly hair, offering a customized approach for every type of curl and wave. Provides solutions for curly hair challenges like frizz, dryness and lack of definition to restore curly hair’s health and enhance its beauty, defining curls and reducing frizz by 97% for up to three days straight!*

Technology & Product Details:
Redken’s unique NEW Curl Memory Complex nourishes, strengthens and reactivates for brilliant shine:
  • Sugar Crystals: Super sweet sugar polyol attracts moisture to curls and waves to reactivate their pattern. Curls become more bouncy and hydrated
  • Moringa Oil: Drenches dry, dehydrated curls with a refreshing boost of moisture for playful bounce and shine. The Moringa tree is native to Africa and India and has been revered for thousands of years as a miracle tree. The oil pressed from its seeds is chock-full of radiance-boosting fatty acids and vitamins A and C, giving it excellent moisturizing and nourishing qualities.
  • Interlock Protein Network™:* Acts at the tension point of “hi-stress” curls to give a boost of strength for all day manageability.
  • UV filters: Shield ringlets and stop fade-out from colored curls and waves. The combination of Moringa Oil and UV filters helps restore and maintain shine in each curve.
*The Interlock Protein Network™ is comprised of three ingredients that work together in the wet and dry phases to repair hair from the inside out.
  • Kera Link ™ - a specialized protein co-polymer that acts in the wet phase by binding moisture to hair while strengthening deep within the hair fiber
  • Amino acids and protein – act together in the dry phase creating an ionic bond with hair’s keratin to rebuild surface protection and help enhance hair’s texture and shine.

Who is Curvaceous For?
Based on the curl pattern scale created by L'Oreal, the Curvaceous range is recommended for hair types ranging from wavy hair of type II to spiral curls of type VI. Curvaceous is suitable for color treated hair. 

Curvaceous Line:
Cream Shampoo
for all types of curl and waves Cleanses stressed out curls and waves or curls for hi-definition spring. Sulfate Free, low lathering formula designed to gently cleanse curly hair without removing natural oils.
How To Use:Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, rinse. Provides extra moisture when left on longer.

for all types of curl and waves Creamy formula deposits weightless conditioning and intense moisture. Can be used as a rinse-out or as a leave-in smoothing lotion either alone or blended with other Curvaceous styling products. 
How To Use: Rinse-Out: After shampooing, apply and distribute through hair. Rinse thoroughly.
Leave-In: Leave in wet hair for more conditioning and curl definition.

Curl Dive 
nourishing mask
for dry, intense curls The most hydrating product in the line, Curl Dive deeply nourishes even the driest ringlets delivering targeted repair and natural oils.
How To Use: Apply to wet hair. Leave in for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. Rinse. Can be used weekly or daily if needed.

Wave Ahead texturizing mousse
for lazy waves & curls Lightweight, airy foam formula breaks down into waxy fibers to add structure and texture to waves. Provides volume and curl enhancement when applied on wet hair and diffused; and rich wavy texture on dry hair.
How To Use: Shake well. Rub a small amount in hands and work through damp hair. Leave in. Diffuse or air dry or use for a curly look.

Ringlet perfecting lotion
for curls and spirals Weightless curl defining lotion for frizz-free curls full of bounce. Prepares curls to take any desired shape, making a great foundation for product layering and defines curls for three days!**
How To Use: Apply to towel-dried hair. Diffuse or air dry for perfect curls. Can also be used on dry hair to tame frizz and provide soft curl definition.

Full Swirl Cream serum
for curls and spirals Combination cream serum: controls frizz by locking in moisture and locking out humidity for twisted locks with high shine. Provides 97% frizz reduction for three days.*
How To Use: Apply evenly through damp or dry hair. Leave-in, style as usual.

Wind Up reactivating spray
for all types of curls and waves Leave-in spray re-activates lazy waves and curls for redefined shape. Can be carried everywhere for quick fixes throughout the day.
How To Use: Spray evenly through damp or dry hair to reactivate curls. Leave-in, style as usual. Can also be layered over other Curvaceous products for control without crunch.

Redken products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon. Like Redken on Facebook or follow on Twitter @Redken5thAve

Bridal Makeup & Hair Styles

These hair styles are always on trend no matter what! The most beautiful ideas for brides, braids made and everyone else in the picture... There are so many tips in how to glow your skin, how to treat your hair, your nails and most of all how to maintain that beauty glow on you big day. You might think that this is very difficult to achieve, but I'm here to tell that is not! You can find the prettiest and easiest Bridal up do and a lovely and not so expensive make-up for yourself and feel gorgeous. You will see in these pics below that most of the make-up are very simple, but at the same time very elegant and probably when you see the hair styles you might think that these are very complicated to do, but guess what? Now a days you will find so many video on YouTube teaching how you do it in the easiest way. Amazing!!!!

 Here are 10 ways to keep you glowing:

1- Have a good night of sleep the night before 2- When you wake up in the morning, have a long and hot bath 3- Wash, scrub and moisturise your face 4- Have a strong and healthy breakfast 5- Drink loads of water to keep your skin hydrated 6- Try to have your nails done the day before 7- Wash and blow dry your hair in the morning 8- Style your hair using a styling mousse (it makes easier to style) 9- Flawless, simple and elegant make-up (less foundation as possible) 10- Be happy! These are very simple steps which can make a big difference... Let's see below what I have in mind for you who are expecting your big day in the near future. Have fun!!

Celebrity Hair Trend - Metallic Hair Colour...

Hello everyone! I took this amazing post from the Fashionista website, you will love it!!

Metal everything is having a moment in beauty right now.
This summer was all about metallic eye makeup, and now nails have taken a shine to the tone, with nail polish brands offering everything from Olympic medal metals to super shiny chrome shades. So it was only a matter of time before it found its way to hair.

Alex Brownsell, who’s the founder of the very cool Bleach Salon in London, and who just launched a Bleach flagship in the Dalston neighbourhood. Bleach has made a name for itself in the fashion industry and beyond (they’ve done the heads of Florence Welch, Sienna Miller and every It-girl in London practically) because of its innovative dip dyes, colouring techniques, and yes, bleaches. Turns out metallic is now her holy grail of hair colour.

 Metallic hair pops up occasionally on catwalks and editorials, but Brownsell is trying to bring it to the streets. Topshop Unique applied gold leaf to hair for their spring 2012 show, and Cynthia Rowley did metallic extensions for her Spring 2011 show. And let’s not forget tinsel extensions, which is what Beyoncé is sporting, that trend luckily died right about the same time that feather extensions did. So how does Brownsell propose getting it off the runway and onto our heads?

Brownsell said that she was inspired by the apocalypse, so she’s looking at darker colours and metallic and iridescent hues for fall.

 Go for the Gold:

• Shine: If you can’t get hair super glossy, the metallic effect won’t work. Wella Koleston has products that produce a very shiny effect, and be sure to finish off any style with a shine spray.

• Play with colour: If you want a gold look, start with blonde dye then add a bit of brown so it looks “sludgy,” Brownsell told us. Then lock it in with a shine treatment.

• Draw it on: If it needs more of a metallic kick, Brownsell and her stylists have used actual markers or spray paint to get a noticeable metallic shine.

• It won’t last: Like all the other hair colours that nature never intended, this is a temporary look, and will last a week or so if you take care of it correctly. This means minimal washing and heat styling.

Brownsell also gave us a few general hair colour tips from the “Bleach Bible:”

• Use a hair scrunchies instead of traditional hair elastics to prevent breakage. Yeah, you read that right. SCRUNCHIES!

• Think of your hair like a silk shirt and don’t wash it too much! Dry shampoo is your friend.

• Bumble and bumble Prep protein spray. 

• If you’re getting a weird colour done, ask your stylist to mix you up a special conditioner mixed with toner to help maintain the colour.

• Use a weekly reparative hair mask.

• Don’t vigorously towel dry. It causes frizzy split ends.

• If you MUST heat style, use a heat protect-ant product first.

 So tell us what do you prefer? Silver or Gold? You choose...

Review: Moroccan Oil

Hello everyone,

I bought 2 moroccan oil products a few weeks ago and I have been using these since then. It is so amazing how hydrated my hair looks, as it was extremely dry. I am so in love with these products.

I bought the treatment oil, which I use after every wash on my split end and middle and I bought the treatment mask which I use one a week.

Guys it has changed my hair completely in a good way of course... Before my hair was so dry, specially at the ends, but when I started applying the oil after every wash and the mask once a week, my hair looks so shinny and sleek and I can see it isn't dry at all.

Girls, this kind o treatment is so easy to do, you can do at home, but the only thing is that the Moroccan Oil Products aren't so cheap, but I think it worth to pay a bit expensive. You can find the products online and the good things is it lasts for a couple of months. Love it!!

As I said after every wash, as you do normally, dry your hair with a towel, apply your normal products and at the end you apply the moroccan oil on your hair, but don't apply too close to your roots, as it has its natural oil.

The good thing is that you can try many different products, now a days there so many hair products for all hair types, which is really good for us and with so many good stuff out there, you don't need to spend a fortune. So good!!!


Did you like the post? Comment... Let me know waht you think.

Best Wishes!

Bun Up-Do Hair Style... Like Kim & Kourtney Kardashian

Hello There,

As I promised a tutorial about this hair bun up-do. It is so easy and quick to do and you don't need to spend all your money on hair styling which is not so affordable for many people, anyway let's do it...

What you need:

1- Hair spray
2- Hair band (elastic)
3- Comb or brush
4- Hair bun ( sells in any pharmacy or hair products store)
5- Hair grips (let say 6)

Now, first of all you have to tie your hair up very tidy combing it until it gets on top of your head forming a pony tail.
Once is nitty and tidy you have to place the hair bun right on top your hair band is and then you start separating the hair until it has a hole in the middle.
When you split the hair in the same portion, you place the hair band or elastic around the hair band and you must get the hair bun right.
Once it is on the right place you can twist your hair in two ways: first you can split your hair in two and twist toward to the opposite side to each other or you can twist all the hair to the same direction.
Use the hair grips to fix the bun until you feel it is tight and use lots of hair spray to keep you hair in place.
So guys that is the way I do it, any doubt please watch the video and you will see what I'm talking about.
Guys if you like the post please comment.
Love you all ...
Thank you for your support!

Watch the Video:

Best Wishes!!

Penteados que vieram para ficar na primavera e verao


Agora tenho que postar um outro artigo porque o que eu tinha feito deletei sem querer, ja e a segunda vez que isso acontece, por ter tentado editar o post pelo meu I Phone.

Mais tudo bem vamos la!

Quero mostrar para voces dois tipos de penteados que tirei da revista britanica Look. Sao penteados para a primavera verao que veio para ficar e veio com tudo diretamente dos desfiles de moda para sua cabeca.

Sao bem faceis, rapidos e praticos de fazer e voce pode fazer em voce mesma ou em suas clientes para arrazar nas festas. Mais o que eu mais gostei foi da tranca de um lado a outro da cabeca com um jeito meio que baguncado. e o que esta na moda no momento: penteado um pouco baguncado.

Vejam as fotos abaixo e me diz qual o que voce mais gostou? So olhando as fotos voce ja tera uma idea de como fazer e arrazar!!!

Gostou? Comente!!!

Um Beijo!!

Hair - Up Dos that is coming back in the Fashion World

Hello There,

This time I want you guys to check these hair up-dos out and they are so easy and quick to do without any problem. You can even do it on yourself.

The up-dos are huge again this year thanks to Valentino and to the Fendi show. They are here to stay for a while and it is going to be very big for spring and summer.

This time I have only 2 ways to do it, but I will come with more just for you to enjoy it and try it yourself as I said.

Check the pictures out and see how they do it...

So tell me did you like it at all???

Let me know what you think...

Best wishes...

Grammys Red Carpet 2012

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, February 12, 2012.

All the dresses so gorgeous, elegant and trendy...

Even the boys showed us their style too...

From Katy Pery to Nicki Minaj.  So who wore it best and who should have went with another choice?

Rihanna left viewers speechless with her very little but very fierce and stunning Armani black dress. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj left fans speechless for other reasons with her Versace costume ensemble.

Adele, the lady of the night who took home six Grammys, debuted a stunning new lighter ‘do in a gorgeous Armani gown. Katy Pery was also among the beauties … in blue. Play critic in the comments by telling us who your best and worst dressed picks were of the night.

I think Nicki Minaj exagerated on her costume. All about being funny and different, I think...

So guys, did you like it?

Leave your comments...

Dicas do dia: Cabelos e os pes...

Oi gente tudo bem?

Hoje quero mostrar para voces duas dicas que tirei da revista britanica Look.

Primeiro vou falar dos cabelos. Quero mostrar para voces esses penteados que vao fazer sucesso ai no Brasil ja que o calor ai esta demais.

Sao penteados lindos, bem facil de fazer e rapido para toda as ocasioes:

Vejam alguns exemplos abaixo:

Eu sei que a explicacao esta em ingles mais so olhando as fotos ja da para perceber passo a passo como se faz. E existe tanto acessorios para voce colocar nos cabelos e ficar ainda mais linda.

Ja promete que o verao aqui vai vir rasgando e os cabelos cada vez mais na moda.

Agora os pes: vejam passo a passo como fazer para deixar seus pes mais bonitos, limpos, macios e bem tratados para arrazar neste verao.

O que voce deve fazer:

Passo a passo de acordo com as fotos:

Primeiro voce deve colocar seus pes de molho, depois voce deve exfoliar para tirar a pele morta e seca, e depois passar um creme hidratante para amaciar, logo depois voce deve so tirar o excesso da cuticula (ja que aqui a cuticula e tirada apenas o excesso) e por ultimo voce deve pintar com uma cor de esmalte que voce desejar.

Nao e pratico e facil? E ainda mais voce vai ficar com seus pes arrazando no verao brasileiro.

Existem tantos cremes e exfoliantes para os pes. Basta so voce querer...

Gostaram das dicas? Agora comentem!!

Aquele abraco!!

Cabelo por Adna Cosmetic...

Ola pessoal!

Hoje eu quero mostrar para voces alguns tipos de penteados que aprendi no curso juntamente com o curso de maquiagem que fiz.

Ja tenho meu diploma de Maquiadora profissional e agora the fazer penteados tambem.

Estou super feliz por ter atingido um nivel a mais o que vai me fazer uma verdadeira Beautician...

Mais nao e so pelos cursos e sim pelo profissionalismo tambem.

Vejas alguns penteados abaixo:

Tudo feito por mim. Quando vi estes penteados pela primeira vez pensei que era super dificil de fazer e tomava muito tempo, me enganei, e super facil e rapido!!

Esses sao so alguns de muitos outros e vou estar dando um tutoral de como fazer este abaixo em voce mesma:

Espero que voces gostem e cometem!!

Agradeco o apoio.

Um beijo!!!

Hair by Adna Cosmetic

Hello There!

Today I want to show you some of my work as a Hair Stylist!

With the makeup course I also have achieved the hair stylist certificate, I am so happy!!!

Here are some of the hairstyles I have done myself. As you can see it is not perfect but it is something:

They look so difficult to do, "well. that was what I thought on the first place", but they are not, they are so easy and quick to do, and if you do with calm, you will do it!!

I will show on my next tutorial how you can do this one below: which we call up do's Buns

You will see on the magazines many celebrities with this hairstyle.

You will have fun doing this hairstyle on yourself.

I hope you guys like this post and please comment, it is very important!

Best Wishes!!

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