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How to make your eyes look bigger & lips look fuller

Hi Ladies,

Big bright eyes always look appealing, try to make them appeal wide open, swap black eyeliner on your water line for a nude or white eyeliner pencil to give the impression you have a bigger eyes. It will make your eyes look brighter too, alternatively there are mascaras that enhances your look, it's worth a try. 

The plumper the lips the sexier you will look, here is how to supersize them: Try a lip gloss with plumping ingredients, and lip liner is a blessing for thin lips, you just need to drawn a little higher than your lip line. You can also wear a lipgloss that stands out, a gloss always make your lips look fuller. Even a red shade will not kill anyone.

You can change the way your look only with makeup, which is cheaper. Of course if you want to look your best you need to do that everyday, so it's always good to get a bit of practice from the pros to be able to do your own makeup. Keep that in mind and be inspired by the professionals. Now a days, there are plenty "how to" videos on youtube which won't cost you anything. 

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Chic Summer Night Makeup Look

Hi There,

All girls have to work their beauty overnight handling the morning duty of keeping fresh skin, then stretching into the evening, providing a touch of glamour that won't slip away past midnight. The task is not easy at all, but one that is far more realistic when you have a strategy in place, according to the experts. As you move from day to dusk, it’s all about prepping your skin so it glows but has minimal grease, locking in your makeup with the right techniques you transform without needing an extra set of hands. 

My tip of the day: A bold black colour is better than soft colours. Also, it’s important to create distinct eyes by applying an ample amount of black mascara. I love mascara! What I love the most on this makeup is the red lips, it worked really well with the golden eyes, but remember, during the day it will go more for nude shades though.

For the lips I used Avon Lipstick to give a chic and elegant finish I love red Lips and it's so soft and smooth which hydrates my lips the whole time. I also love most of Avon products; they are suitable for sensitive skin, well! Most of their products.

Full-coverage lipstick with natural oils and triple action smoothing complex gives you soft, smooth lips, that look instantly fuller, ready for a kiss!

Sigma Brushes:
Foundation Brush: (click here)
Blush Brush: (click here)
Concealer Brush: (click here)
Highlight Brush: (click here)
Face powder Brush: (click here)
Eyeshadow Brush 1: (click here)
Eyeshadow Brush 2: (click here)
Eyeshadow brush 3: (click here)
Blending Brush 1: (click here)
Blending Brush 2 E45: (click here)
Contour Brush: (click here)
Small Angled Brush: (click here)

Clinique Foundation: (click here)
Maybelline Concealer: (click here) 
Benefit Primer: (click here)
Avon Blush: (click here)
Bourjois Bronzer: (click here)
Mac Face Powder: (click here)
Benefit Highlight: (click here)

Lime Crime Primer: (click here)
Benefit Colour Corrector: (click here)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette: (click here)
Rimmel Eyeliner: (click here)
Maybelline Mascara: (click here)
Avon Pencil Eyeliner: (click here)
Benefit Eyebrow mascara: (click here)
Benefit Eyebrow makeup: (click here)
Benefit Eyebrow highlight: (click here)

Max Factor lip liner: (click here)
Avon Lipstick: (click here)

I hope this post has been very helpful any comment much appreciated.

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@NYXCosmeticsUK Shine Killer - Review, Photos & Swatches

I have to say I was amazed with the results of this product from Nyx which I didn't give much credit at the beginning. Sorry guys! As it's gel formula I don't see how we can apply it over makeup, however it's very useful if you apply it as a base before your foundation, that's the way I have been using it and it works so well.

They say: "Prime your skin with our Shine Killer stimulant! Apply this nourishing Vitamin E formulated invention prior to your usual makeup routine to assist your makeup to be more long-lasting and flawless throughout the day. This marvel eliminates the appearance of oil and shine keeping your face matte!"

I say: I have a very dry cheeks and a bit of oily skin on my T-zone (middle forehead, nose and chin) and I only apply the Shine Killer where I really need, it's good to remember that!
It leaves the skin matte but at the same time so smooth and soft.
The formula's excellent specially for who has a very oily skin. I don't recommend for who suffers from excessive dry skin though. This's one of my faves from Nyx for sure.
This one I recommended!

Metallic Dresses - A trend for all seasons

Shimmery Metallic Dresses has been the stand-out colour for the all the seasons in my opinion. Do you want a smouldering look for your special occasion? Check out these sleek and sexy metallic dresses to give you an idea what to buy and wear. Whether our celebrities are going to a huge events or something more quiet these dresses go perfectly with every occasion and time.
Metallic colours are one of the trends this year and we love it to bits. It isn't just the dresses but hair , nails, shoes, you name it.
Have you ever seen a syfy film made in 80's or 90's that shows the future and they are wearing metallic crazy outfits? Right! I has come to us now, but in a good way, of course; our metallic dresses are much more glamorous and chic. I just love the colours and the texture, reminds me how far our fashion world has gone and I am sure we still have plenty to learn. Take a look at these beautiful dresses and let me know what you think.

Where to find them? 

Nail Polish of the Week: China Glaze - Dress Me Up...

I love nail polishes, especially the China Glaze nail polish, which has stunning and vibrant colours. I bought several of this collection, and now I'm wearing the shade: Dress Me Up, which is a reddish pink, opaque and creamy but at the same time has a nude and rich tone.
The good thing is that this shade can be wore even for work (for those jobs that have restrictions with colour) as it is more discreet yet elegant.
China Glaze - Dress Me Up has a texture a bit thicker and full of life, and a layer of the polish is already enough if you do not have much experience of how to apply it.
I'm in love with the colour, well combined with neutral or dark outfits, and it is great for fall and winter. I bought the collection "Colour Capitol The Hunger Games" and I will be showing one per week.

Amazing texture and excellent drying time, evenly and smoothly, very fast
This lacquer as everyone calls is well-known and most used in the beauty salons of the UK and USA, and it is very affordable too! Lucky us! 

The collection has beautiful colours, with sparkles and different textures.
I'm so pleasantly surprised at how much I like most of the colours from the collection. I recommend!

Anyway, I said what I think about China Glaze -Dress me up; and you what do you think?

I appreciate your comments... 

NEW Sigmax brushes! F88 - Flat Angled Kabuki & P88 - Flat Angled Precision

Sigma Beauty is excited to announce the launch of the newest additions to their Sigmax line – the P88 and F88. These innovative brushes were specially engineered to provide an efficient and superior application of cream and liquid products with their one-of-a-kind angled brush head. 
  • Flat Angled Precision brush P88 - Use for precise application of concealer products anywhere on the face. Works particularly well around the eyes and nose. $14
  • Flat Angled Kabuki brush F88 - Blends foundation easily onto hard-to-reach areas of the face. The angle fits all areas of the face seamlessly. Works especially well on cheekbones and contours of the nose. $16  

 Each of these brushes will be added to their best-selling Synthetic Precision Kit and Synthetic Kabuki Kit but you can buy them individually as well. The P88 and F88 are a completely unique design not offered by any other brush supplier in the industry.

So guys and girls what are you waiting for? Be the first to get your brushes...

Where to buy? (Click here) for Sigma P88 brush and (click here) for Sigma F88 brush

Thank you for stopping buy!

@UrbanDecay Naked 2 Palette - Review & Photos

I have just bought this eyeshadow, I was dying to put my hands in one of those for so long, since I watched a video tutorial teaching how to do a bride's makeup with the palette, which I loved so much.

The palette came in a very stiff and beautiful case, which I think is perfect to protect from damage the product. On top of that I received a little gift, a plumping lip gloss with a mint smell.
From there, you can have an idea how good this product is. The eyeshadow palette is a bronze is metal case, very cute!

The eyeshadow itself is pressed and its shades are so lovely and shimmering. There are 12 neutral shades from pale to deep with 3 matte shades, the only thing is that the matte shades aren't so strong, they are very thin and almost transparent only the black shade is matte but strong , which I think it is OK as the rest of the palette have a quite strong shimmer. You can do from a neutral to a dramatic look.

In my opinion the naked palette 2 is not very affordable. It is a bit expensive for an eyeshadow palette, however for the quality of the product I think it worth it, as I had it for the whole day and when I came home late evening it was still there, like I have just done the makeup. Beautiful...
The eyeshadow comes with a dual brush, as you can see on the first photo above, one side is to apply the eyeshadow and the other side to blend. When you touch the brush on the eyeshadow you can see lots of the product on the brush, but at the same time you loose a bit, but I think it is normal as it happens with the most of eye shadows from all brands.

Conclusion: I love it and recommend...

Where to buy: (Click here)

Best Wishes!!

Women's International Day

Hi Ladies,

Each year around the world, International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

International Women's Day, since its inauguration in 1911, celebrates the achievements of women, and promotes their freedom, and social and economic equality

I'm here today to say that, us women are the best, we can do everything, we have our dreams, we are stronger that we can imagine and most important of all we give life to this world.

I want to say congratulations to all of you out there every where in the world.

We are woman, we are mother, we are daughter, we are wife and much more. Without us there was no world, anyway.

I just wanted to say:

I hope one day we have more power than ever....

Girls Power!!!

Treat youself to a nice spa or a pretty nails!!! Enjoy your day women!!!!


Weekend Makeup

Hello Ladies,

I want to show you what I did last weekend.

Yep! Hair and Makeup...

I did makeup for different occasions: One was for Dress up party which I used siver and black eyeshadow with false eyelashes with a pretty hair on the side with curls, the second one for a simple night out which i used nude with a bit of brown very light and the third one for a day party which I used green and for hair I did a beautiful up-do.

I really enjoyed it, Makeup is my world and I learn a bit every time I work with it.
I like to play with the colours and mixed them up to have a amazing results at the end and to satisfy my clients, of course because if they are happy we are happy.

I tried green colour, blue, nude with brown and a smokey silver and black, and it worked out really well, thank you very much!

I hope in a few months time it will be my daily job and I hope I will have loads of olod and new clients as well.

So yes, that is it check the photos below and let me know what you think.

So girls did you like it? Leave your comments!!

Big Kisses!!

Nail Polish of the Week - Apricot Mystery from AVON

Hello Ladies,

This week I chose Avon Nail Polish, of course, but is not just because it is Avon, but the shade and texture of that product.

Guys! The colour is so beautiful and nude and bright, it is suitable for the day and for work. As I am going to work with this one!!

It is kind spring colour, but spring is coming anyway.

To get a nice shade you must apply to layers and have your nails polished of course to give that extra factor to have a most pretty colourful  nails.

Let me know if you like it.

Here is the link to buy those: click here

I am really in love with that shade, and it is coming to stay...

So did you like it? Are you going to try this beautiful shade?

Please leave your comments!!


Smokey Eyes: Purple and Pink...

Hello Girls,

This time I want to show you this smokey eyes that I have done for you with purple and pink.
I spend quite some time to post this for you as I was waiting for the photos, but if you go to my you tube channel you will see that the video has been there for a while, anyway here I am.

Products that I used: Max Factor, Avon, Maybelline.

As you can see I used a dark purple, rather than light as I have a bit of pink on the inner corner of my eyes and it is a makeup to use for evening, parties, night clubs, etc.

I really hope that you like it and please leave your comments!

Check the video out...

Avon Eyeshadow (click here) to buy
Avon lipstick (click here) to buy
Avon Mascara (click here) to buy
Avon Blush (click here) to buy
Avon eyeliner (click here) to buy
Avon Facial powder (click here) to buy

Max Factor and Maybelline you can find in any cosmetic shop.

Best Wishes!!!

Specs Appeal - The perfect frames for you...

Hello ladies!

Guess what is coming back in fashion this year?

It seems that specs are back in the fashion world and it is among celebrities, TVs programs, fashion shows and much more.

But finding the best frame for your face shape can be tricky sometimes.

These specs are fast becoming the must-have accessory like Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigel and Anne Hathaway and even for fun like Kim kardashian.

You can have a pair of fantastic looking  specs to match every outfit as so many opticians have offers like two for one...

So treat yourself to a gorgeous new pair of designer frames, check below to see where you can find them and the tips in how to get one that is suitable for you.

So ladies did you like the new do?

Leave your comment!!


Hair - Up Dos that is coming back in the Fashion World

Hello There,

This time I want you guys to check these hair up-dos out and they are so easy and quick to do without any problem. You can even do it on yourself.

The up-dos are huge again this year thanks to Valentino and to the Fendi show. They are here to stay for a while and it is going to be very big for spring and summer.

This time I have only 2 ways to do it, but I will come with more just for you to enjoy it and try it yourself as I said.

Check the pictures out and see how they do it...

So tell me did you like it at all???

Let me know what you think...

Best wishes...

NY Fashion Week Front Row Style

Hello There!

This time I want to show you the best and most beautiful celebrities at the New York Fashion Week.
Guys I loved each one of the prettiest Ladies in the Fashion World!
They sit on the front row of course as always trying to trump each other in the style stake.
But the one that I loved the most was Olivia Palermo with her silver top, with a beautiful black and grey blazer, her black trousers and blue thin high heels, which I think it is kind of sporty and elegant.

Shine your usual places with a new style every time.

Because I love black trousers, I am suspect in that she looks amazing, but she does look amazing. I love Olivia Palermo and her fashion trend.

The bags, the shoes, the clothes and everything else are my dream. I really love them don't you?

Check out some of the pictures below, with the most trend celebrities:

Did you like the trends? Change your wardrobe then!!! Just Kidding!!

Big kisses!!

Amazing makeup for all occasions...

 Hi girls,

This time I want to show you the makeup that you can have for all occasions, without exception. It doesn't need to be expensive, the makeup can be very affordable, very pretty and at the same time good quality.

The ones that I really love are: Avon, Max Factor, Maybelline, Loreal, Barry M, Rimmel and much more, they are the most popular ones on the market.

The makeup really makes the difference specially on your eyes like Adele. I also have been using dark eye shades a lot lately and don't be afraid of wearing a red lipstick, as it is a big trend at the moment.

The nudes are very popular too, I love nude lipsticks and eye shadows.

Have a look at the photos below, just for you to have some idea what to do:

Did you like the tips?


Best Wishes!!

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