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Fashion: Shimmering Metallic Party Dresses

Hi Girls,

In this festive season our evening wardrobe was redefined with shimmering metallic dresses and glitzy embellished accessories. Thanks to Dolce & Gabbana and other's latest AW13 collection this trend is firmly on the fashion agenda. Inspired by the age of glamour our high street shops' metallic party dresses will give our party wardrobe instant wow factor. Lots of glitter and shimmering! Watch this space!

They are so sophisticated, chic and elegant for any party and much special in Christmas and new Years because of their glittery season. I just got one from Oasis which is absolutely beautiful with its metallic golden colour and black just the way I like it.

The trend can be found pretty much in any high street shop and they are not expensive at all, well, there are the nice ones and the gorgeous ones... The dresses go from £30 to £100 so it can be worn by anyone and you don't even need to spend all you cash.

See below some ideas for your amazing Christmas party and please do let us know your preferable ones... Amazing!!!

See ya!

The 90's jewellery is back!

Hello Girls,

For the next seasons you will see a lot of old stuff in the fashion world, I mean old but really pretty and big with a modern style. Large jewelleries are among the celebrities and on the streets as well.
Like most fashion of the 90s, design was produced in many retro forms, a collection of times past. Aquamarine, coloured pearls ...
Chanel also sent ear cuffs down the catwalk and Naomi Campbell rocking a choker the biggest jewellery trends of the 90s are set for a style revival. So bad they’re good! Edgy Ear Cuffs – Equal parts grunge and glam, cuffs are set to throw Beyonce-style chandelier earrings into oblivion. The best bit? The high street has some pain-free options, no holes necessary.

Where to buy them?  click here or here

Thanks for stopping buy...

Acessórios para a próxima estação...

Entao meninas lindas!

Confiram os acessorios para a proxima estacao que vai dar o que falar. Desde de bolsas ate brincos, sapatos e scarfs.
Sao tudo de cores vibrantes e temas variados desde de safari, floresta ate colour blocking e florais. O que eu mais gostei foi o "modern metallics" ja que eu amo coisas metalicas.
Sao acessorios bem variados e tem para todos os gostos. Espero que voces gostem da mesma forma que eu gostei...

Entao meninas me diz o que acham...

Um grande Beijo!!

Accessory trends for the bright new season

Hello Ladies!!

Check this new accessories out, they came to stay for spring ans summer they are so sparkle and colorful. From metallic, to safari, wild life and glam green, they came on  a variety of designers and shapes ready to rock our bright seasons...
The good thing is that you can buy them from any where, play with colours and be fabulous!


I just love each one of them. Don't you?

Best wishes...

Fashion Moments 2011

Hello Ladies!

On this post I would like to show you guys the amazing fashion moments in 2011. The colours, the designers and trends on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga, etc...
From the romantic Royal wedding to a skinned body from Heidi Klum on Halloween, these fashion moments made 2011 the year of the craziest fashion with a giant egg from Lady Gaga on the Grammy Awards and all those coloured wigs from our wonderful Nick Minaj.
Check some of the moments below and please let me know what you think...

So ladies, did you like it? Please comment!!

Best Wishes!!

Fashion: Shoes & Accessories

Hi There!

I want to show you guys the shoes and accessories that you will see everywhere at the moment with brighter colour and different designers that you will love it for sure...  I am in love with these ones below.

Years ago you would wear only neutral or dark shoes, but now you see them in any colour like the colour blocking which is very popular at the moment. I love blue, pink, green and other colours as well.

So girls you really like it leave your comments and please follow the blog to get the latest updates in fashion, beauty and makeup...

Where to buy them:

Miss Selfridge UK
FREE UK Next Day Delivery enter code: MSLOVE5 Offer ends 6pm today!


OASIS - Women's Fashion Clothing

Coast Fashions Limited

FREE SAVER DELIVERY again for 1 week (valid until Sunday 18th)  

 Big Kisses!!!

Weekend Makeup

Hello Ladies,

I want to show you what I did last weekend.

Yep! Hair and Makeup...

I did makeup for different occasions: One was for Dress up party which I used siver and black eyeshadow with false eyelashes with a pretty hair on the side with curls, the second one for a simple night out which i used nude with a bit of brown very light and the third one for a day party which I used green and for hair I did a beautiful up-do.

I really enjoyed it, Makeup is my world and I learn a bit every time I work with it.
I like to play with the colours and mixed them up to have a amazing results at the end and to satisfy my clients, of course because if they are happy we are happy.

I tried green colour, blue, nude with brown and a smokey silver and black, and it worked out really well, thank you very much!

I hope in a few months time it will be my daily job and I hope I will have loads of olod and new clients as well.

So yes, that is it check the photos below and let me know what you think.

So girls did you like it? Leave your comments!!

Big Kisses!!

Specs Appeal - The perfect frames for you...

Hello ladies!

Guess what is coming back in fashion this year?

It seems that specs are back in the fashion world and it is among celebrities, TVs programs, fashion shows and much more.

But finding the best frame for your face shape can be tricky sometimes.

These specs are fast becoming the must-have accessory like Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigel and Anne Hathaway and even for fun like Kim kardashian.

You can have a pair of fantastic looking  specs to match every outfit as so many opticians have offers like two for one...

So treat yourself to a gorgeous new pair of designer frames, check below to see where you can find them and the tips in how to get one that is suitable for you.

So ladies did you like the new do?

Leave your comment!!


Hair - Up Dos that is coming back in the Fashion World

Hello There,

This time I want you guys to check these hair up-dos out and they are so easy and quick to do without any problem. You can even do it on yourself.

The up-dos are huge again this year thanks to Valentino and to the Fendi show. They are here to stay for a while and it is going to be very big for spring and summer.

This time I have only 2 ways to do it, but I will come with more just for you to enjoy it and try it yourself as I said.

Check the pictures out and see how they do it...

So tell me did you like it at all???

Let me know what you think...

Best wishes...

NY Fashion Week Front Row Style

Hello There!

This time I want to show you the best and most beautiful celebrities at the New York Fashion Week.
Guys I loved each one of the prettiest Ladies in the Fashion World!
They sit on the front row of course as always trying to trump each other in the style stake.
But the one that I loved the most was Olivia Palermo with her silver top, with a beautiful black and grey blazer, her black trousers and blue thin high heels, which I think it is kind of sporty and elegant.

Shine your usual places with a new style every time.

Because I love black trousers, I am suspect in that she looks amazing, but she does look amazing. I love Olivia Palermo and her fashion trend.

The bags, the shoes, the clothes and everything else are my dream. I really love them don't you?

Check out some of the pictures below, with the most trend celebrities:

Did you like the trends? Change your wardrobe then!!! Just Kidding!!

Big kisses!!

O Classico Rabo de Cavalo

Oi pessoal!

Neste post vou estar dando dica sobre o rabo de cavalo que esta sempre na moda! Confiram!!

O rabo de cavalo clássico nunca sai de moda e pode ser feito para qualquer ocasiao! Voce pode fazer um bem simples para o dia e que pode ser transformado em um visual glamoroso para a noite ​​com acessórios de cabelo! Com tantas possibilidades o rabo de cavalo é o estilo clássico favorito.

A escova grande e quadrada como mostra embaixo é a ferramenta perfeita para escovar e desembaraçar o cabelo de todas os estilos!

Uma vez com o cabelo desembaracado, pentie todo o cabelo para o mesmo lado para o seu rabo de cavalo preferido - Que poderia ser mais abaixo da cabeca, de lado, um bem auto e um rabo de cavalo classico como esta na foto.

Você pode proteger o seu rabo de cavalo com elásticos de silicone, é uma coisa nova e você pode adicionar um acessórios de moda também para te dar um look fascinante!
Gostaram? Manda um comentario!!

Classic Ponytail

Hi there,

In this post I m showing you that the classic ponytail never dates and it is so versatile and it can be tailored to suit any ocasion! A simple pony by day - Can be transformed into a glamorous eveing look with fashion hair acessories! With so many possibilities the ponytail is a classic favorite style.

Sleek, sexy and spotted pretty much everywhere, it is fashion favourite accessory...

A paddle brush is perfect tool for brushing and detangling hair of all textures! Once detangled, gather the hair into your desired ponytail - This could be a low slung pony, a side pony a high pony or a classic pony as pictured!

You can secure your ponytail with silicone elastics, it is a new thing in town and you can add a fashion accessories too to give you a glamorous look!

I hope you guys like it and leave a comment telling us what is your hairstyle favorite?

Thanks in advance!!

Big Kisses!

Aprenda cinco valiosas dicas de beleza com Kim Kardashian e suas irmas

Entao, peguei esta dica no portal da maquiagem. Vejam so:

Por onde quer que passe, Kim Kardashian, famosa por curvas avantajadas, sempre exibe um visual impecável. Ícone de beleza, a socialite considera seu estilo "sexy e sem esforço". O site da revista US reuniu cinco dicas de beleza que as mulheres podem aprender com ela. Confira:
Aceite o seu corpo: não é nenhum segredo que as curvas de Kim são quase tão famosas quanto o reality que estrela. Mas, ao invés de se matar na academia e fechar a boca para conseguir o corpo enxuto que Hollywood tanto ama, ela assume os seus atributos e usa roupas justas que os valorizem ainda mais.
Ande nas alturas: de botas de cano super alto a uma coleção interminável de sapatos Christian Louboutin, Kim sabe como andar num salto alto. Seja para fazer compras pela cidade ou para um evento de gala, ela sempre sai com um salto altíssimo.

Ouse nos penteados: embora Kim seja conhecida pelos seus longos cabelos pretos com ondas, ela não tem medo de ousar. Já foi vista com os cabelos mais claros, com coques, tranças, entre outros penteados. E o segredo para seus cabelos terem tanto brilho? "Eu não os lavo todos os dias, o que ajuda a brilhar", disse ela à revista Self. "Eu também sempre mudo o xampu que uso".
Abuse dos cílios postiços: o maquiador de Kim Kardashian, Troy Surratt, disse que o segredo por trás da maquiagem perfeita da socialite é a junção de base, olhos esfumaçados e cílios postiços, que garantem olhos destacados e brilhantes. "Cílios longos e cheios servem para flertar e ser feminina", afirmou ele.
Use todos os seus recursos: "As irmãs Kardashian sabem o poder do glamour e não têm medo de acentuar e aproveitar todos os recursos", disse Surratt. Isso significa carregar bem a maquiagem nos olhos, bochechas e lábios, em vez de se concentrar em apenas um deles.

Gostou das dicas?


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