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@Avon_UK Shine Attract Lipstick #Review #Photos & #Swatches

Us, girls are always trying to find the best cosmetics on the market, it could be an affordable product or a designer top brand product. Most of those products we never know which one is the best and suitable for our skin.
I love Avon products which are very affordable and also very good and today I'm posting about Avon Shine Attract Lipstick.

I have to say I didn't pay much attention to the product at the beginning. When I opened the beautiful silver packaging and I saw the lipstick I left it in my makeup box for weeks, until my daughter used it and I saw the gorgeous shade and finish on her lips.

I asked her which one it was and when she told me that it was the Avon Shine Attract, I was amazed and I regret not using it before. 

As soon as I applied the lipstick I could feel the hydration and it is so creamy with a great smell. The outer gel layer gives a nice soft lips and the lipstick in the middle gives a lovely colour. It has SPF for protection and it's great for summer!

There are 9 shades and the best of all, Non-sticky... Amazing!

I hope you like it and let us know what you think...

Thank you for stopping by.

Anew Beauty Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner

Hi There,

Anew Beauty Lip Plumping has a excellent moister for the lips and the conditioner gives them a nice shine too,  I have one and I always try to buy a new one before it finishes as I can't live without the plumper, specially in the winter, but it's also very good in summer to protect against sun damage. It restore a youthful looking appearance for a plumper and fuller lips. With double the retinal to boost collagen renewal. Wow!!

It can be used on its own or before lipstick, I particularly prefer use it before my lip glosses. I think the price is quite good for a beauty product like that and with me the conditioner lasts forever. We can find it through an Avon representative or buy online. So it's very easy to find. 

When I use the plumper my lips feel silk soft and line free and it does make us feel good about ourselves as it regenerates the lips and it has a pleasant subtle scent, is non greasy, extremely hydrating and feels great on. One of the bests Anew products...

@Avon_UK Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls - #review

Hi Girls,

I've been using Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearl for years and I love it so much because its shimmering and finish which left my face with a gorgeous luminous all day long. It's a reasonable price at £10 and lasts for hours... The shimmering pearls give skin the luminous look of a natural tan and a sun-kissed glow.

The package is so cute and the product itself is really soft with a lovely smell and an amazing shimmering. It is Multicolored pearls swirl together for an instant radiant glow. It gave a golden glow to my cheeks. 

There are two shades: Cool and Warm and my one is cool which is a lighter shade for pale, fair and medium skin tone and it also feels so light on the skin. Great product for summer! You must try! They say it is suitable for face and body, I'm not sure, but it worth a try!

I hope the post was helpful! 

Leave your comments below if you are interested to know more...

See ya!

Avon Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation - #review

Hi Girls,

I have used this foundation forever and in my opinion it's one of the best cream to powder foundation yet. It looks natural, lasts well and isn't heavy at all.

I'd definitely recommend this one. It's a lovely and efficient foundation, but it was also my first Cream-To-Powder foundation. I have been using this foundation on and off a lot. I always use a liquid foundation but I've decided to try something new and it's a medium to full coverage foundation wears up to 8 hours. Excellent choice! My shade is medium-beige at the moment.

They say: Lightweight formula applies as a smooth cream and dries to a natural-looking velvety powder. The smooth,even, flawless finish lasts all day, helping reduce shine and adding moisture where necessary, depending on your skin type with SPF15.

This foundation is really good for who has oily or combination skin, because once you apply it becomes powder. Excellent to get rid of the shine specially on the chin and nose.

I don't think it's suitable for a very dry skin as it can become very cakey with the skin peeling off, as it occur with dry skin though. The price is OK and it's always on the Avon catalogue which doesn't happen with most of avon products... Because I don't need much from this product, it lasts a long time with me.

Anyway I found this foundation quite effective... I would love to know what you think...

Best Wishes,

@Avon_UK Magix Face Perfector #review

Hi Girls,

I did find the Avon Magix Face Perfector a good product for people who doesn't like heavy makeup and it worked like a primer for me. Price very reasonable, last quite a while and made my skin soft and smooth, however I wouldn't use it without a foundation as I like to cover my skin.  The product is a magical air-light gel-powder colorless formula that makes all skin tones look flawless... Very true!
They say it is an invisible light coverage and instant perfection product. It also banishes shine up to 10 hours. You must apply evenly in the morning or before sun exposure.

This product really left my skin soft with a beautiful colour and took all the shine away, I used it every single day before my foundation to help hold the makeup on for longer. The only thing was that when it was about to finish there was a water like liquid coming through it (I'm not sure exactly what it was) so I couldn't it use any more and I don't know about pores as my pores were the same, but the product is good though. I would use it again!

I hope you like the post, let us know your thoughts...

#Resenha: Mascaras de cilios da #Avon

Ola pessoal,

Hoje eu quero falar sobre algumas mascaras da Avon que tenho testado ja a algumas semanas. Quero dizer o que acho sobre cada uma delas. O preco de cada uma esta bem razoavel, nao sao produtos ruins ou excellente, esta mais na metade tipo 50% 50%.

1- Extralasting: E uma mascara boa mais nao e excellente, dura mais ou menos 12 horas, o produto e bem soave e liquido tem o cheiro um pouco forte e a escovinha tem um tamanho normal. Deixa pedacinhos nos cilios quando esta para acabar.

2- Super Extend:  O produto tambem e fino e a prova d'agua, o que e muito bom principalmente para festas ou casamentos. A escovinha e fina na ponta sendo mais grossinha no meio o que ajuda na hora da aplicacao. Este tambem quando esta para acabar deixa pedacinhas nos cilios.

3- Super Enchant: A Avon no momento tem esta mascara com um pouco de brilho e e edicao limitada, ou seja, esta a venda so por um periodo de tempo. A escovinha tem um shape diferente.Tambem como os outros deixa pedacos nos cilios quando esta para acabar.

4-  Super Extend Extreme:   Esta mascara e otima porque ela deixa os cilios bem longos e volumosos seu produto e bem fino mais tambem deixa pedacinhos quando esta para acabar. Eu gostei bastante dessa mascara. Sua escovinha e grossa que ajuda na hora da aplicacao.

5- Anew Lash-transforming:  Essa mascara nao esta a venda no momento mais eu tenho usado a minha a bastante tempo e amo essa mascara. O  produto e otimo a escovinha tem um tamanho normal e do outro lado vem um serum para voce usar antes para dar aos seus cilios uma forca a mais. Amei!! O bom e que nao deixa pedacos mesmo que estiver terminando.

Entao meninas espero que tenham gostado alguma duvida e so me mandar uma mensagem.

Clique aqui para saber mais...

Um Beijo!!!

#Review: #Avon Mascaras

Hi Beautifuls,

I have here 5 Avon mascaras to review for you. I love Avon, they have excellent makeup, however; of course, like many other brands there are some that we always think twice before we buy them. On this post I will tell you about them as I have been testing them for a few weeks now.

The first one is Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara, which has a very length brush with long and precision comb, I really liked the big brush, makes my lashes look long and full, but when the product is nearly finished it starts leave bits on your lashes, however the mascara itself is very thin from the beginner which is good.

Second is Super Extend Mascara, which has a smaller and thinner brush with very small comb, this one is cheaper than the first one. The product is thinner than the first one and it is waterproof, I love water proof mascara! But again when it is about to finish starts give you bits on you lashes, which is not cool!

The third one is Super Enchant Mascara, There is a limited edition that Avon is selling at the moment with sparkles, the product is good, cheap, very thin and it has this funny brush shape, but again, leaves bits on your lashes.

The fourth one is Avon Extra Lasting Mascara this is a fade-proof mascara, it really is, they say it lasts up to 18 hours, but on me it actually lasts about 12 hours, as I used from morning before go to work and when it was night time about to sleep, the product was still on my lashes, but not so strong.

Finally the fifth one is Anew Lash-Transforming Mascara + Serum shame that Avon is not selling this one at the moment because is very good, the product is thin and it doesn't leave bits on your lashes. This one is approved by me. It has two sides, one is the serum to fortify your lashes and the other side is the mascara. The brush is thin ate the one end and bigger the other, wish helps you, when you apply the mascara it doesn't let you touch the skin. So good!

Click here if you want to find out more. I hope this was very useful for you girls. Thank you for stopping by.

Best Wishes!

Esmalte da Semana: Prata Metalico

Entao esta ai um prata metalico para voce da Avon misturado com um esmalte com gliter da Berry M.
Olha que acabamento e perfeicao das cores ficou um prata brilhante lindo.
Eu amei porque eu amo cores metalicas, igual ao meu carro, azul metalico. Hahaha!!
Nao sei se voce encontra a Berry M no Brazil mais Avon com certeza. Vou deixar o link abaixo para voces.

O nome do esmalte e Mercury Metal da Avon e o outro e Silver Glitter da Berry M. Eu adoro a Berry M porque ela tem cores vivas e brilhantes e e otimo para a primavera e verao, ja que estamos na primavera aqui em Londres.

Esse esmalte com um vestido preto vai arrazar nas festas. E o brilho dos gliters tambem vao fazer sucesso. Ja me pararam na rua para perguntar "que esmalte e este". Amei!!!

Entao espero que voces gostem e por favor comentem!! Todos os cometarios (bom e ruim) serao bem apreciados...

Clique aqui para comprar.

Entao gente gostaram?

Um Beijo!

Nail Polish of the Week: Avon and Barry M.

Hello Ladies,

This week I have two new nail polishes to show you which I really like and I am using all the time.

They are:

Avon mercury metal and Berry M Silver glitter.

The silver from Avon with the glitter from Berry M together makes a amazing shinning, vibrant and eye catching shade with a lovely finish.

I got Berry M for free at boots when I bought a few products and I have never wore it as it is a bit shiny for me. The Avon I got from the brochure as I am Avon representative.

I am in love with these two together, makes an amazing shade to go out and I think for summer it will do really well as it is so shiny. It is kind of metallic finish.

So if you like it like I did, why not try? Click here

So ladies, what do you think about these shades? Would you wear it?


Nail Polish of the Week - Apricot Mystery from AVON

Hello Ladies,

This week I chose Avon Nail Polish, of course, but is not just because it is Avon, but the shade and texture of that product.

Guys! The colour is so beautiful and nude and bright, it is suitable for the day and for work. As I am going to work with this one!!

It is kind spring colour, but spring is coming anyway.

To get a nice shade you must apply to layers and have your nails polished of course to give that extra factor to have a most pretty colourful  nails.

Let me know if you like it.

Here is the link to buy those: click here

I am really in love with that shade, and it is coming to stay...

So did you like it? Are you going to try this beautiful shade?

Please leave your comments!!


Smokey Eyes: Rosa e Roxo, otimo para festas...

Oi Meninas,

Quero mostrar para voces essas cores rosa e roxo esfumado, para noite ou festas que fiz so para voces.

 Sao cores bem escuras mais que sao lindas para voce arrazar por ai. Realmente e para quem gosta de sombras escuras, e para sair a noite e perfeito. Eu usei a sombra da Avon que tem uma cor linda. Eu demorei a postar essa maquiagem para voces, mais aqui esta.

Produtos usado:

Avon, Max Factor, Maybelline.

Sao cores ousadas mais eu arrisquei so para mostrar as queridas leitoras. Logico que voce nao vai usar durante o dia mais para a noite voce vai fazer o maior sucesso.

Entao me diz se voces gostaram e mandem seus comentarios.

Assista o video:

Todos os produtos da Avon voce acha aqui
Os produtos da Max Factor e Meybelline voce encontra nas lojas de cosmeticos.

Um beijo enorme!

Smokey Eyes: Purple and Pink...

Hello Girls,

This time I want to show you this smokey eyes that I have done for you with purple and pink.
I spend quite some time to post this for you as I was waiting for the photos, but if you go to my you tube channel you will see that the video has been there for a while, anyway here I am.

Products that I used: Max Factor, Avon, Maybelline.

As you can see I used a dark purple, rather than light as I have a bit of pink on the inner corner of my eyes and it is a makeup to use for evening, parties, night clubs, etc.

I really hope that you like it and please leave your comments!

Check the video out...

Avon Eyeshadow (click here) to buy
Avon lipstick (click here) to buy
Avon Mascara (click here) to buy
Avon Blush (click here) to buy
Avon eyeliner (click here) to buy
Avon Facial powder (click here) to buy

Max Factor and Maybelline you can find in any cosmetic shop.

Best Wishes!!!

Esmalte da Semana: Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel: Blue Scape


Eu estou amando o esmalte que recebi da Avon esta semana:

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel: Blue Scape

A cor e maravilhosa e esta super em alta para a primavera verao deste ano de 2012.

Este azul turqueza esta fazendo o maior sucesso por aqui. E a colecao da Avon de cores vivas e deslumbrantes que atraem bastante por ser tao claras, e e bem a cara do verao mesmo... Estou apaixonada pelas cores desta colecao que tem lilaz, laranja, rosa, verde e agora o azul.

A unica coisa ruim e que se você passar só uma camada ele não fica legal por ser um pouco ralo, mas quando você passa duas camadas ele fica um espetáculo bem brilhoso e com um acabamento perfeito. E o azul deste esmalte transforma o visual.

Assista o video:

Gostou da cor clique aqui:

Avon UK

Nail Polish of the Week: Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel: Blue Scape

Hello girls!

On this post I want to show you guys  this amazing nail polish that I have received from Avon:

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel Blue Scape.

It is a gorgeous turquoise blue, and I am completely in love with this color, I think it will hit the spring really well.

Orange, lavender, green, pink and now the blue that came to stay and put our nails at the top...

They are really strong and bright shades, ready for summer... It s a beautiful Avon collection.

The only thing not so good about that nail polish is that, if you apply only one layer, it will not look nice as the product is very thin, but when you apply the second layer it look so pretty, alive and very trendy.

So if you guys loved it like I did, why not click on the link below and check it out?

Avon UK

I really hope you guys loved it and please leave a your comments as they are very important for the Blog.

A very big kiss for you!

Maquiagem simples para ir trabalhar

Neste post vou estar falando sobre maquiagem bem simples para ir trabalhar.

Mais primeiro eu quero falar que meus posts nao tem pontuacao porque eu moro em Londres e o teclado aqui e bem diferente para se trabalhar, levei um tempo ate aprender digitar, mais deu tudo certo!!!

Entao mais voltando ao assunto...

Nos nao precismaos de muita coisa de manhar, quando estamos saindo para trabalhar, mesmo horario, mesmo local, mesmo transporte, as mesmas caras e etc...

E tambem vale pelo tempo que nao temos para nos maquiar de manhar. Entao e so optar por uma maquiagem basica de cores neutras e suaves.

E tambem nao precisamos gastar horrores com maquiagens caras pode ser as que voce normalmente use e compra em lojas de maquiagem como eu... Nao sao caras mais sao de otima qualidade como a Maybelline, Max Factor, Berry More (marca de maquiagem nova), Rimmel, Loreal e etc...

Eu sempre usoum marron com nude, ou rosa bebe com um pouco de marrou esfumado no canto de fora dos olhos e por ai vai. Para quem esta acostumada pode se levar 15 minutos pra fazer toda a producao, mais para quem nao estar, pode se levar uns 30 minutos para se maquiar desde da base ate o batom passando por todos os processos.

Como pode ver sao batons bem claros, o blush so um pouco de bronze e a base esta a conta. Afinal e so para ir trabalhar mesmo. Voce pode usar sempre cores neutras ou claras como falei...

Para a maquiagem eu usei:

Extralasting liquida da Avon clique aqui
Corretivo ideal shade da Avon clique aqui
Po facial Creme Puff Medio Bege da Max Factor
Sombra da Sigma Bare clique aqui
Delineador em gel da Avon clique aqui
Rimel da Maybelline
Maquiagem para sobrancelha da Benefit Cosmetic clique aqui
Blush arabian glow da Avon clique aqui
Baton extralasting da Avon clique aqui
Contorno da Avon 
Pinceis da Sigma clique aqui

Entao meninas gostaram desta maquiagem basica?

Se adicione no Blog e comentem!!!

Um beijo!!

More cosmetic products to test...

Hi There,

Here are some more eyes, hair and wrinkle products to be tested.

Lets see which one is better...

Check the photos below:




Let us know which one you like the most...

Maquiagem bem facil para o dia...

Oi pessoal,

Hoje estou com este video para todas aquelas que ainda nao assistiram no you tube, como fazer uma maquiagem para o dia bem rapidinho e e para todas aquelas que nao tem muito tempo para se arrumar de manha. Espero que voces gostem!!!

Produtos usados:

AVON (clique aqui)



Veja o video abaixo:

 Grande Beijo!!!!

Produtos usados:

Pinceis da Sigma (clique aqui)
Base extralasting da Avon Clique aqui
Corretivo ideal shade clique aqui
Po facial da Maxfactor
Blush arabian glow Avon clique aqui
Contorno da MUA
Batom da Avon clique aqui
Sombra da Avon clique aqui
Rimel da Meybelline

Easy day look makeup...

Hi Everybody,

Today I want to show you guys this amazing tutorial, how you can do a beautiful day look, it is for everyone who doesn't have much time in the morning and needs a good and quick makeup.

I hope you guys like it...

Products used:

AVON (click here)



These products are very affordable, excellent for the skin and you can find in any cosmetic store.

Check this video out:

Big kisses!!

Products Used:

Max Factor face powder cream puff medium beige
Maybelline mascara colosso

Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation click here
Avon Ideal Flawless Concealer Stick click here
Avon True Colour 6 in 1 Eye Palette click here
Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls click here
Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick click here

AVON COSMETIC Shop online...

Avon Cosmetic online shop has got many offers just for you, full of new products and lots of beauty tips...
Don't miss it!!
Click on the link below and find out more..
I hope you find everything you need!!

Best Wishes,

Beauty products: Let's test them...

Hi Guys,

Today I will be showing you some beauty products that went to the test and tell you the best ones on the market.

Let's see the lipsticks first:

Now the hair serum:

And finally the primers:

So did you like it? Leave a comment.

Tell us what product is the best in your opinion?

Thank you!!

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