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I was walking in Covent garden when this guy called me to show me this product. I was a bit worried he would try to sell me rubbish products, then I went in the shop to see more and I was amazed with their beauty product which has gold in it. It's the OroGold,

And these are the ones that I bought:

24K Deep Peeling - Designed to provide a powerful facial cleanse by removing a thin layer of dry cells to reveal ultra-smooth and youthful skin. It is specially formulated to gently polish, renew, and revitalize the skin without stripping away vital oils or causing irritation. 24K Deep Peeling is formulated with 24K Gold along with ingredients such as, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) and Green Tea. Once a week, or as directed by your beautician, wash your face and add a small amount of the product to your face, avoiding the eye area. Rub the peel in a circular motion; do not leave the product on for more than 30 seconds. Built up dirt and oil will come to the surface. Be sure to remove completely by washing your face with cool water.

24K Body Cream - Ultimate body cream may be used for all skin types. Combining essential vitamins and oils, this excellent, non-greasy moisturizer melts on skin contact leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately scented. Apply a sufficient amount onto clean, dry skin.

I tried the peeling and loved it, I used it use it once a week, and I'm using the body cream every day. Just can't get enough! they are excellent products, very pricey but good, I bought the peeling for £50 and I got the body cream as complementary. Both products left my skin very soft with a lovely smell.Would I buy it again? Hum, maybe. They were there only for a few days but we can find them on the website.

Lovely for summer. This one I recommend.

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