Nail Polish of the Week - @ChinaGlaze Pink Neon - #review & photos

Hi girls,

China Glaze Nail Lacquer is more than just colours, this professional lacquer with hardeners helps promotes healthy nail growth and is Toluene (A colourless liquid hydrocarbon present in coal tar and petroleum and used as a solvent and in organic synthesis) Free! Nice!!

Long wearing formula it makes nails look spectacular and dries in seconds. China Glaze offers the latest technology in formula's and colour selection.

For the longest lasting manicure apply base coat, two coats of lacquer and then top coat. Refresh when needed with another coat. Great for manicures and pedicures! However this lacquer chips very easily after a few days, dries flat so you need to use a top coat, is completely matte without a topcoat; but it is not that bad though.

At the same time the pink neon has a great coverage and excellent texture.The pink colour is fantastic, great for summer and spring.

There are many on line shops that sell different colours and texture of China Glaze and the good thing is that they aren't so expensive, so anyone can buy them. Amazing!! Today is the fourth day with my nail polish and it still looks so tidy and amazing... The average price can be from £5.50 to £7. Get ready for summer...

So girls I really hope you guys like the review and let me know what you think...

Thank you for stopping buy...


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  2. wow, i really like this color
    perfect neon pink

  3. gorgeous pink!! china glaze always chips so easily for me though! :(

  4. I LOVE it! I really need a hot pink in my collection!

    Stopping by (a little late) from the linkup :)

    1. That is OK, we are gonna have some more. Thank you doll. X

  5. That is AWESOME! I haven't seen that one yet. Sometimes I just really love the obnoxious neon colors :)

  6. Beautiful color, but for some reason China Glaze polishes have always been a pain for me to apply, and your are right the do tend to chip rather quickly!


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