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Gel nail polish is the biggest trend right now for everyone who doesn't have much time to spend in a salon. The reason is because the gel lasts up to 2 /3 weeks and the gloss and finish stay on for longer. In the salon where I work most of our clients use this service...

I have been trying and testing the GelLux Profile for a few months now on myself and my clients. The shades, gloss and finish are really pretty and amazing, and it lasts for 2 weeks. They are on average prices, only professional can use these though. You must be qualified! Although I want to show you what it is and how it works...

Step by step:

1- Buff and file the nails really well (very important!)
2- Apply the scrub solution to remove all residues from nails
3- Apply primer to help fixing the product on you nails
4- Apply a very thin layer of base and cure it on the UV light for 2 minutes, try not to touch the skin at all
5-Apply the first layer of lacquer very thin and back to the light for another 2 minutes
6- Then apply the second layer of lacquer very thin and back the the light for another 2 minutes
7- Apply the topcoat very thin and put on the the light for 2 minutes, seal the tip of the nail each time
8- Finally cleanser the nail to take away the sticky part and moisturise your cuticles with cuticle oil

To be honest with you I couldn't work with this one at the beginning, however they improved a lot nowadays, but my favorite brands still are Gelish and Shellac. :-) At the moment I'm working with Shellac only, which I find very efficient.

I do think everyone should have a try and see if it's suitable product to use.

If you still want to have a look (click here) to know a bit more about this.

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  1. Hey iv got both n it's do hard to compare:-( gellish is sooooo expensive but going to give it a try where gellux didnt last two days!! It's so straight forward to use but so hard to get right finish

  2. I need to get my hands on some decent gel polishes! The only ones I've tried are drugstore brands and they were terrible! Ill look for those ones you recommended, thanks!


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